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  3. Had on the server* typo sorry , Really would appreciate a second chance
  4. Hey I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right topic I couldn’t find any to post in , I’m hoping to come back to gondor if you allow it Arthur, I apologise for the scene I caused on the server questioning professionalism. I put a lot of time into the short stay I had on my the server, I understand if you don’t allow me back Cheers
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  6. also allmost finished the full guide before my ban luckily i never got to check stats on godly set so that'll never come out
  7. Ty scott appreciate yah
  8. Scott's PVM/Slayer Service Hello Guys, ill be starting a PVM/Slayer service. This will be paid through in game currency! Have you always wanted T100 slayer without the grind? sit back and relax and let us do it for you :) If you are interested in the service please contact me in game (Do understand we will need access to your account to do this)
  9. not really sure where to post this so im doing it here. id say something to remove from the forums is the play now option from the bottom right corner of the forums as it make it hard to post anything u want on here https://gyazo.com/387e4673134c119abf203f3f65f9a9d4 and maybe make it so the forums doesnt say not secure as might deter people from comming on here
  10. nice guide for a basic one straight to the point
  11. delete entire client and redownload that should fix ur problem
  12. In-Game Name: thatfriend In-Game Rank: investor Screenshot of Rank: https://gyazo.com/eac4b8ccaa6d9d77be2854abf80ae25b
  13. Hi, It's me ice cream and i got ipbanned 2 days ago. I am very sorry for what happend, I wasn't mad, it was just my only cash i had, and i lost it in a tragic way. Sorry for making a second account called broly1 or w/e. It wasn't me who multilogged on the other "brolykiller accounts". I just typed broly1 because i got banned on my main. then Ipbanned right after. Thanks Arthur for being a great owner, and online as much as possible Hope i can log in any day soon!
  14. very basic guide im in the process of making an insanely indepth one im leaving out harder to obtain and unobtainable items allthough end of the line bis (best in slot) items that are seriously expensive will still be there you dont want range no its ass on gondor 2.0 weapons : infernal > ruby > emerald > galactic > prismatic > volcanic > spacial furthermore mage destiny staff > fantasy staff > godly staff > brilliant staff mage aoe phantom staff > icy/chrismas scythe > silent night scythe > godly staff > brilliant staff melee 1h eye of gondor > buster sword > sephiroths masamune > lightning katana > skulled cleaver/anniversary sword melee 2h demons edges (about on par with buster with ultimate glaive offhand) Gear : infernal > ruby > emerald > galactic > prismatic > volcanic > spacial furthermore mage destiny > phantom > godly/super saiyan > godly melee link > sephiroth/cloud > easter/immortal > godly void: void requires 3 pieces for melee of which 1 the helm mage/range require 4 regular > elite > ultimate > supreme > perfected > deity
  15. In-Game Name: Thimoty013 In-Game Rank:Investor Screenshot of Rank:
  16. Arthur, im truly sorry for my actions and what I have said to other players. I Know youre a hard working man that puts all his time and effort into this server. You stay up countless hours trying to do something good and new for the economy and I bash it by saying, "copy n paste" or how I said "all custom rsps servers have dbz." It doesn't matter who has what, u put time into it and I bashed it and it wasn't right of me to do that at all whatsoever. I also bashed vote and how rewards are "shit," what I said was very unprofessional of me and I promise to never bash anybody on the server or anything that was made. I bashed rng as well because I wasn't getting the drops that I want. I realized my mistake and truly apologize for my actions. Its up to u if u wish to have me apart of the server or not, I understand ur decision. If u do allow me back I thank you for making the right choice I wont let you regret it and I promise to vote as much as I can instead of not voting at all. -notsowise17
  17. it's up to you if you want to ban me for using an emoji, of course i understand i have been sarcastic about the staff members capability and *abusive of power* which i feel is even more relevant now iv'e been banned for such a petty thing. had to post this in general discussion because you don't have an appeals section also you do have my word to just keep on the low if i'm unbanned but hey i don't mind too much, probably spent too much money and hours there anyway. Thanks for reading. Ethan, (Nah) unknownffff
  18. I've tried to laod the client and ive also tried to restart my laptop etc and I cant manage to get online.
  19. Hi, my IGN is Authorized. Why am I banned?
  20. Very simple down and dirty guide. OK so you just started playing and want to know what to do and where to go.I am not going to get into detail on each skill or area just point in the right direction where to go. I am not going to go in depth on each path but point you in the direction. First thing you want to do is type ::starter and then ::discord in game and post your IGN into general. One of the game staff will hook you up with a starter boosting pack. Use your bones on the altar , swap your prayers and now what? This is where you can go in many directions. First you ALWAYS want to do your global bosses. They will be announced as to which one is up and how to get there. Now you killed your bosses now what to do. Well you have a few options at this point. I suggest ::train smack a few dragons to get your stats up a bit for survivability. Track 1 - Slayer - The slayer skill on GondorX is a great path for gear/money. Do your tasks and prestige ge better items. There is an up to date guide on Slayer here on the forums thanks to Iron Noob I suggest reading. Track 2 - DPS zones - This is a great path as well for cash and items. Each zone has increased kill count and the nps get stronger and drop better loot. Track 3 - Drop Rate zones - This path will bring you the almighty drop rate to get those better drops you want. Speak to the npc at the main teleport area and they explain what you need to know on where to go first. Ok you got yourself some junk and cash. What to do with it. well you can bank it and think out of site out of mind. Or just take those junk drops to the incinerator. This is located west of home. This is a new process and some kinks are being worked out so be patient. Some basic commands I always see people asking about. ::dr - shows you your current drop rate ::ddr - shows your current double drop rate ::wiki , ::starterguide , ::guides , ::priceguide , ::xplockoff
  21. gday mate im trying to download the game but it only seems to have a .jar file to download is there a windows version or is it only for mac?
  22. Is the server down? Or is there a new client?
  23. please delete this, i accidentally pressed to create too soon
  24. What are they? - Maxed bosses are bosses you can acess after you have maxed and can claim the maxed title from King Lathas at home. - Each one of this bosses will drop a key part (4 different parts). Combine all 4 key parts to create a maxed raids key, needed to acess maxed raids Maxed boss 1 (Robot) - Located at ::maxedboss , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 1. No other notable drops. Maxed boss 2 (Godzilla) - Located at ::maxedboss2 , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 2. This boss also drops the Epithy set (decent mage gear) Maxed boss 3 (Elite warrior) - Located at ::maxedboss3 , this boss has 900,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 3. His most notable drop is the elite warrior pet (2x experience pet) Maxed boss 4 (Mandrith) - Located at ::maxedboss4 , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 4. His most notable drop is the pet mandrith (Drop rate pet) - Once you have killed them and collected maxed raids key you can now acess maxed raids, which have great rewards and you can also now obtain maxed raids 2 keys in preparation for raids 2 being released soon
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