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  2. I've tried to laod the client and ive also tried to restart my laptop etc and I cant manage to get online.
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  5. Hi, my IGN is Authorized. Why am I banned?
  6. Very simple down and dirty guide. OK so you just started playing and want to know what to do and where to go.I am not going to get into detail on each skill or area just point in the right direction where to go. I am not going to go in depth on each path but point you in the direction. First thing you want to do is type ::starter and then ::discord in game and post your IGN into general. One of the game staff will hook you up with a starter boosting pack. Use your bones on the altar , swap your prayers and now what? This is where you can go in many directions. First you ALWAYS want to do your global bosses. They will be announced as to which one is up and how to get there. Now you killed your bosses now what to do. Well you have a few options at this point. I suggest ::train smack a few dragons to get your stats up a bit for survivability. Track 1 - Slayer - The slayer skill on GondorX is a great path for gear/money. Do your tasks and prestige ge better items. There is an up to date guide on Slayer here on the forums thanks to Iron Noob I suggest reading. Track 2 - DPS zones - This is a great path as well for cash and items. Each zone has increased kill count and the nps get stronger and drop better loot. Track 3 - Drop Rate zones - This path will bring you the almighty drop rate to get those better drops you want. Speak to the npc at the main teleport area and they explain what you need to know on where to go first. Ok you got yourself some junk and cash. What to do with it. well you can bank it and think out of site out of mind. Or just take those junk drops to the incinerator. This is located west of home. This is a new process and some kinks are being worked out so be patient. Some basic commands I always see people asking about. ::dr - shows you your current drop rate ::ddr - shows your current double drop rate ::wiki , ::starterguide , ::guides , ::priceguide , ::xplockoff
  7. gday mate im trying to download the game but it only seems to have a .jar file to download is there a windows version or is it only for mac?
  8. Is the server down? Or is there a new client?
  9. please delete this, i accidentally pressed to create too soon
  10. What are they? - Maxed bosses are bosses you can acess after you have maxed and can claim the maxed title from King Lathas at home. - Each one of this bosses will drop a key part (4 different parts). Combine all 4 key parts to create a maxed raids key, needed to acess maxed raids Maxed boss 1 (Robot) - Located at ::maxedboss , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 1. No other notable drops. Maxed boss 2 (Godzilla) - Located at ::maxedboss2 , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 2. This boss also drops the Epithy set (decent mage gear) Maxed boss 3 (Elite warrior) - Located at ::maxedboss3 , this boss has 900,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 3. His most notable drop is the elite warrior pet (2x experience pet) Maxed boss 4 (Mandrith) - Located at ::maxedboss4 , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 4. His most notable drop is the pet mandrith (Drop rate pet) - Once you have killed them and collected maxed raids key you can now acess maxed raids, which have great rewards and you can also now obtain maxed raids 2 keys in preparation for raids 2 being released soon
  11. What are they? - Maxed bosses are bosses you can acess after you have maxed and can claim the maxed title from King Lathas at home. - Each one of this bosses will drop a key part (4 different parts). Combine all 4 key parts to create a maxed raids key, needed to acess maxed raids Maxed boss 1 (Robot) - Located at ::maxedboss , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 1. No other notable drops. Maxed boss 2 (Godzilla) - Located at ::maxedboss2 , this boss has 700,00 hp and has a 100% chance of dropping the maxed key part 2. This boss also drops the Epithy set (decent mage gear)
  12. In Gondor x prestiging your slayer benefits you more than in any another RSPS, bonuses like increased drop rate, profitable stores, increased casket chance and more Prestiging your slayer - Every time you hit level 99 slayer you can prestige and each time you do so, you gain 1 tier, every slayer tier will give you different bonuses all the way up to 100 Slayer caskets - Slayer caskets are one of the bonuses from doing slayer on gondor, you can recieve them as drops or buy them from the different tier shops - Advanced slayer caskets - Extreme caskets - Cash caskets - Ultimate slayer caskets - The rate at which you can recieve this caskets is based on your slayer tier - Tier 1 to 5 Advanced slayer casket - 1/150 chance. Cash casket - 1/350 chance. Extreme slayer casket - 1/600 chance. Ultimate slayer casket - 1/1000 chance - Tier 5 to 10 Advanced slayer casket - 1/100 chance. Cash casket - 1/250 chance. Extreme slayer casket - 1/400 chance. Ultimate slayer casket - 1/600 chance - Tier 10 to 25 Advanced slayer casket - 1/75 chance. Cash casket - 1/125 chance. Extreme slayer casket - 1/225 chance. Ultimate slayer casket - 1/350 chance - Tier 25 to 50 Advanced slayer casket - 1/50 chance. Cash casket - 1/100 chance. Extreme slayer casket - 1/125 chance. Ultimate slayer casket - 1/250 chance - Tier 50 to 100 Advanced slayer casket - 1/40 chance. Cash casket - 1/65 chance. Extreme slayer casket - 1/95 chance. Ultimate slayer casket - 1/175 chance Slayer tier shops - Every few tiers you will unlock a different store, each store better than the previous one - Tier 1 store Most notable items : Void pieces (60 points each) / Advanced slayer caskets (35 points each) - Tier 3 store Most notable items : Extreme slayer caskets (30 points each) / Volcanic weapons (225 points each) / Extreme donator scrolls (50 points each) - Tier 5 store Most notable items : Cash caskets (30 points each) / Ultimate void pieces (100 points each) / Spacial weapons (400 points each) - Tier 10 store Containing Ultimate slayer caskets (50 points each) - Tier 25 store - Soon to be added, this store will contain a 2x slayer points ring EXTRAS - Make sure to unlock the double slayer xp perk as soon as you can, it will help you out alot - Well of goodwill at ::edge (30% xp bonus) - 2x Slayer points and 2x xp event days - 2x xp pet (Elite warrior pet, obtainable from ::maxedboss3)
  13. Dear creatures of the realm, As of today you will see me around on a daily probably and i demand every single one of you to gift me your weight in gold. ----- Geek bullshit aside, I'm Niko, 21 Y/O, Belgian, IT consultant, etc etc etc...... Looking forward to meet you all!
  15. Welcome! soooo i need some picture for our wiki page for custom guides! and that's where you all come in! We will have 9 sections! and you may enter more than 1! price guide minigames raids gear skilling money making faq's monsters/drops and the last is undecided thinking a page for our youtubers (you may suggest one) There will only be 1 winner for each section!! post picture here! only pictures posted here will be considered in the event can use a screenshot, custom photo, ect. no limits! The more unique the better! winners will be picked 2/27/2020 Rewards overall best- 2 picks in 1-28 goodie bag! winners 2-9 will get to pick 1-28 in a goodie bag!
  16. Welcome new and old! This here is our starter guide, let us know if you think we should add anything to the guide! Step 1- vote! use command ::vote, ::rewards1all after to claim vote tickets (can vote every 12 hours!) 1.1- they are worth 500t-1q each or you click Votetickets to open Shop Step 2- Slayer! prestige up to 10, you will get the best slayer casket the ultimate casket Step 3- increase **DROP RATE** & **DPS**! - there are minigames at home for both! Tons of rewards in shop! find them south of home! 3.1- pest control! there 6 types of void you can upgrade** !! 3.2- training! @ the new Skilling area which will give u 1.75X MORE XP when u train here- Find the Custom Skilling area North of Home! Step 4- making money! would be raids and ::kwboss "spawns 25min" ::bonesboss "spawns 42 min" 4.1- maxed things u need the Maxed Title @ home from the ‘Explorer Jack’ at home. 4.2- maxed raids 1-2, maxed bosses 1-4 "need maxed 99s in all skills for maxed boss/raids" 4.3- perfected void you gonna have to get 2k kills in ::maxedboss1 ::maxedboss2 ::maxedboss3 then you gonna need to do the 4.4- ENDLESS VOID MINIGAME! which you need **500 all 3 fragments to upgrade 1 piece of supreme void and 5q cash** "helpful hints" hint 1- arrows raids is a good way to get More Dps/dr/$! hint 2- For some of the raids you will need all 3 different combat styles ‘mage, range, melee’. hint 3- can switch up step 2 & 3 to help you prestige faster! hint 4- ask questions! we have a great community that loves to help hint 5- check discord! lots of updates, people buying and selling and donation deals! hint 6- when donating see if people are buying in name doantions (sometimes get more than your monies worth!)
  17. Sword: https://gyazo.com/85902c8765872ec64537ab0486514bd9 Cape: https://gyazo.com/8e0f4091622e6f156cd5e32fb5579711 Other Rewards: https://gyazo.com/b2adce6545a44009319b606a48218164
  18. Hey I am The Lazy Elk. I got banned because someone got offended that I said a youtbuber with 200 subs isn't worth anything. Just kinda want an explanation cheers.
  19. blank

    Blank here!

    Hello, my name is "Blank" and I have been playing RSPS for years. I'm from Europe and love rs/rsps aswell as other games. Mostly playing cod, rs6, cs, lol and ghost recon. Nice to be here 🙂
  20. ULTIMATE DONATOR CASKET Idek LOL.mp4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legendary Gear Casket IDEK LOL 2.mp4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drop Rate Casket IDEK LOL 3.mp4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. And also it wont let me play keeps sayijg error connecting to server. I have a wired connection atm should be an issue
  22. it lets me type login info, but won't connect to server ever.
  23. Yay, I look foreward to all of this! Nub
  24. Hello Beautiful Gondorians! I want to welcome you all to the official launch thread of Gondor-X 2.0! Below we will have valuable information and show-offs that will better layout what Gondor-X 2.0 has to offer you! What is Gondor-X 2.0? Gondor-X 2.0 is a COMPLETE re-design of our game. With new interfaces, models, textures, and more... we are completely re-designing how Gondor-X operates and scales as players progress through our game. We have realized over time that one of the largest issues with Gondor is the barrier to entry! Starting out as a new player is rather tough, and you are sort of thrown into a world with tons of content to enjoy but are not sure how to do so! Building drop rate can be tough and building DPS can be even tougher! So, we have restructured the starting content to better suit both new, old, and returning players to the world of Gondor-X! ( THERE IS NO ECONOMY RESET, YOUR ACCOUNTS ARE 100% SECURE ) New Home Area: The New Home Area features a MASSIVE structure and different areas for you to experience the finer things Gondor-X has to offer. Below I will show you some media of these different areas: Main Area: Skilling Area: Drop Rate Area: Damage Per Second Area: AFK Zone: New Upgrader Interface: Our old upgrader interface was outdated and it was time for an upgrade! This new interface allows us to have as many requirement items as we wish to be able to upgrade a certain item. This will make the content much more extensive! New NPC Drop Viewer The new NPC Drop Viewer is a much more extensive version of our current NPC drop viewer. This version will allow you to see the rates of drops, the chances, and being able to separate the drops into different viewing categories. New Teleport Interface The teleport interface is another piece of content that has needed updating for quite some time now. The update to the teleport interface is very extensive and will allow both old and new players to be fully informed when teleporting to a certain area. This interface will allow us to write a full description, as well as show any possible loots that can be obtained from the area of which you are teleporting to. Mystery Box Interface The mystery box interface is something that has been long requested of us and has finally been created and implemented! This interface will not be on existing mystery boxes but we will be able to use the interface on mystery boxes that will be created in the future! Other Various Content Re-Works and Additions: - Pet Mystery Boxes - Donator Boxes - Low tier bossing - Mid tier bossing - THE ENTIRE SLAYER SKILL - Item upgrading - New Zoning System - FashionScape Minigame - Pokemon Raids - Marvel Raids - Elemental Raids - Aspects of skilling - Donator Scrolls - Damage Arrows - Hopeful Trials Pets - And so much more! THE PLAN - RELEASE DATE Gondor-X 2.0 will be released on SUNDAY - February 16th! We are going to be taking Gondor-X offline for the following days, starting at Midnight (EST), Friday morning - February 16th Gondor-X will be OFFLINE on: Friday( Feb.14 ) Saturday ( Feb.15 ) Sunday(Feb.16) - Until 2:00 PM EST The reason for this down-time is to give us ample time you create the updates and upgrades necessary to make the release and launch of Gondor-X 2.0 the best that we possibly can! The release of Gondor-X 2.0 is officailly set for Sunday- February 16 - 2:00 PM EST!! FUND-RAISER This coming weekend will be running a fund-raiser for all things Gondor 2.0! We will be offering special bonuses, prizes, content additions, and more throughout the weekend for those who are interested in participating! More infomation on this will be released in the discord server, make sure to join - HERE MARKETING Obviously our co-owner Wr3ckedYou will be creating videos and content leading up to the release of Gondor-X 2.0! However, we will also be contracting a few outside sources to help us make the release and launch of our 2.0 world a much more active and hype day than it would be normally! We are going to be looking for different creators and outlets eager to work with Gondor for the days of Wedneday (Feb.12) & Thursday (Feb.13) to come online our beta version of 2.0 and create some awesome content and show people what Gondor-X 2.0 is all about! These videos will be a great way to show-off all of the hard work, dedication, and time that we have put into our server! Conclusion In conclusion, we are SO SO SO excited for the release and launch of Gondor-X 2.0! As one chapter in our community closes, another one opens. We expect Gondor-X 2.0 to far out preform the first version and we look forward to all of you joining along with us for this ride! It is going to be an absolutely amazing event and we look forward to seeing both new and old faces on launch day! Thank you, - Gondor-X Executive Team
  25. In-Game Name: Ash In-Game Rank: Investor Screenshot of Rank: https://gyazo.com/b5ef1ad68339e7d6bccf1ae8b97458a7
  26. I am hoping myself, for many good things to come. As well as some new content for me to stream. Positive vibes coming your way.
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