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  3. OK so to start off I tried so many things to try to get this server to launch and nothing seemed to work. I tried it on multiple versions of Java. Tried it through JDK and JRE. Everything I could think of I tried and nothing seemed to work. No one could help; not the owners, administrators, or devs and it isn't their fault by any stretch of the imagination because no one seemed to be having this issue. I all but gave up on playing this server: however I decided to give it one more go and look online one more time to see if I could find anything and by God I finally found something that worked. If you are having an issue where the .jar filie will not launch at all open your "add or remove programs" and look for a program called "RelevantKnowledge" or "PremiereOpinion." If you have found one of these programs remove it, then try to launch the server again. For me it launched right up with no issues what-so-ever. I hope I can save someone some trouble with this post. Have a good day.
  4. Rere4me

    IP Ban

    please reply with an answer when this is seen
  5. may i please get unbanned im sorry
  6. why did i get ip banned.......?
  7. As the title says, the play now button downloads a web page, that if i click on in my downloaded file, it just downloads another of the same web page. I know i'm most likely dumb, but i was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it, and or if i need to download another program to run it? Works on my laptop btw, just not on pc.
  8. Hopped on and 15 seconds later i was IP banned, guess no 2x slayer points for me tonight...
  9. the same thing just happened to me
  10. As the title says, im sat here at my computer at the afk zone, texting back a group chat im in. i look down for thirty seconds, look back up and im banned. I've not broken a single rule, and id like to know what happened/to be unbanned.
  11. Keep trying to download the client but it wont open and load up the game
  12. Arthur

    The story of Glambler

    This sounds dope! Edit: Other than not voting 😡
  13. Account name is: Saint Vains, i even got IUD Banned, what is going on? lol.
  14. Hello, can i have an explanation of why am i banned from the game without doing anything wrong? Thank you, wish this situation get's solved soon...Francisco Monteiro
  15. frisky

    The story of Glambler

    as this is a currently running project ill post videos every 10 tiers
  16. This will be a huge rules dump/information dump aswell a place to post progression on my new series im making called The Story of Glambler. so in short what is TSOG? i will work my way towards tier 100 slayer unlocking content along the way ill gamble all my earnings at the end of each tier taking my winnings to the next tier. every 10th tier half my bank will be gambled ending off at the big finale at t100 gambling the whole bank i also lock myself out of a bunch of content initially unlocking it through my adventures. initial lock : [x] make money for extreme donator before anything else [ ] kuradal locked till tier5 [ ] summona tasks locked till tier10 [ ] group content solo (broly/freiza/machina/raids) locked till tier25 [ ] group content with groups locked till tier50 i will not play on the weekends i will not vote on this character i will unlock doing all content ingame after tier100 my bank will also be locked off to certain items. my first tab will hold mithril seeds and coins my second tab will hold fashionscape my third tab will hold currencies and upgrade items my fourth tab will hold non-slayer boxes/caskets/keys my fifth tab will contain miscelanious items (like past event items and such) my sixth tab will contain clue scrolls (yes i plan on doing those for some fasionscape)
  17. Hey Arthur my ip was banned after I was doing smithing with bronze bars and clicked on a null icon in the smithing window. I was wondering if you could look into the situation or if able, remove the ban ive been wanting to try out the new updated home area but i am unable because of the ban.
  18. Наша фирма выполняет услуги по реконструкции и очистки водопроводов новым способом гидродинамической очистки на новейшем оборудовании. Использование указанного вида гарантирует возобновление характеристик труб к исходному уровню, сокращаются расходы электроэнергии на 20%, растет назначенный срок применения труб на двадцать лет до капитального ремонта, повышаются промежутки между профилактическим сопровождением. Фирма проводит необходимые работы, например: Промывка систем отопления и отопительных приборов. В следствии чего выбирают нашу фирму? Великий прозводственный опыт - более 100 восстановленных очистительных сооружений в Нашем государстве и за её пределами, факт наличия всех лицензий и разрешений на выполнение строительно-монтажных и технических работ, разработка и конструирование экологического, безопасного, энергосохраняющего, высокоэффективного оснащения, гарантийное обслуживание, профессиональный и ответственный штат. Очистка емкостного оборудования - ремонт водозаборных скважин
  19. Had on the server* typo sorry , Really would appreciate a second chance
  20. Hey I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right topic I couldn’t find any to post in , I’m hoping to come back to gondor if you allow it Arthur, I apologise for the scene I caused on the server questioning professionalism. I put a lot of time into the short stay I had on my the server, I understand if you don’t allow me back Cheers
  21. also allmost finished the full guide before my ban luckily i never got to check stats on godly set so that'll never come out
  22. Ty scott appreciate yah
  23. Scott's PVM/Slayer Service Hello Guys, ill be starting a PVM/Slayer service. This will be paid through in game currency! Have you always wanted T100 slayer without the grind? sit back and relax and let us do it for you :) If you are interested in the service please contact me in game (Do understand we will need access to your account to do this)
  24. not really sure where to post this so im doing it here. id say something to remove from the forums is the play now option from the bottom right corner of the forums as it make it hard to post anything u want on here https://gyazo.com/387e4673134c119abf203f3f65f9a9d4 and maybe make it so the forums doesnt say not secure as might deter people from comming on here
  25. nice guide for a basic one straight to the point
  26. delete entire client and redownload that should fix ur problem
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