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  3. I was mining and smithing an i got banned for no reason
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  5. this seems to happen when smithing any fletching resource.
  6. nice guide ! maybe add the prices to buy them from the shop
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  8. so i dont know what happened i was trying to level smithing used some bronze bars and selected make all on bronze bolts then im ip banned?
  9. I was banned while smithing some items because i'm trying to max to get to max boss and i clicked something wasn't sure what it was on the interface and then it logged me out and banned me? have no clue why i have been banned, please unban...
  10. Dungeoneering Guide Currently, Dungeoneering is not functioning But you can still hit 99 in it with two different methods. Method One: 99 lamp This lamp is bought with loyalty points which you can track in the tab. You have to head to the loyalty points shop in the castleat ::home There is a specified lamp that costs 100k Loyalty points that will take you straight to 99 dungeoneering. Method Two: Dragonkin Lamps Dragonkin lamps are obtained from the effigies you get from ::vote. You will have to claim ::reward 1 to get the effigy. Once you get the effigy you can have someone with high-end skills open it for you to obtain a lamp. (THIS IS NOT ALWAYS GUARANTEED. NOONE HAS TO OPEN LAMPS FOR YOU BUT YOU CAN FIND SOME PEOPLE WHO WILL. These take a while to open and can be tedious) I recommend saving up a bit and tipping the person a lamp or two out of all the effigies you've saved if you cannot open them yourself. Once you've followed one of these methods then GRATS ON 99 DUNG!! 🙂
  11. Locus Dragon Farm Money Making Guide What will i need? You will need 1. A set of armor and weapon 2. A dwarf cannon (gotten from Explorer Jack at ::home) 3. CannonBalls (gotten from Explorer Jack at ::home) 4. 50 Kills on Herba and Umbra dragons each to attack. 5. Recommended protect from melee prayer and food or 92 Pray for Soulsplit. (explorer jack for reference, in the castle at ::home) How do i get there? You click the icon and then proceed to click . You will be met with an interface that looks like this. Click the Monsters Tab and then the button. You should end up here. And now you're at the locus dragons! What do i do? You will plant your cannon in a spot that it will hit multiple dragons, this will draw them onto YOU. Make sure you are praying protect from melee and have food or Soulsplit and have prayer pots (Unless Extreme Donor+) My Preferred cannon spot is right here. Make sure to keep loading cannonballs into your cannon so it keeps pulling dragons onto you ad use auto retaliate to attack the dragons while managing your prayer and cannonballs. What am I Looking for?? What you are looking for here are Scrolls of efficiency and boss keys. Scrolls The scrolls of efficiency look like this and can fetch around the price of 30T per scroll. Boss Keys The boss keys look like this and can be used on this boss chest at ::home. The chest will provide you with mostly low tier armor or 1b tickets. The armor more than likely won't sell. Your second option is to save up 750 of the boss keys and upgrade them inside of the upgrader at home Upgrading them will give you a Boss Box, which you can open for some great loot! Good luck on the grind and hopefully this will help you make some quick cash as a new player!
  12. Ring Around the Rosie Mini Game This minigame is centered around killing penguins for Fusion rings in order to buy or upgrade rings that give you Drop rate Percentage or Double drop rate percentage Getting there In order to get to the minigame you will need to click then find this button in your menu . It will open up a window like this. You want to navigate to the Minigame tab and find . Once you teleport there you should end up in an area likethis . What do I do? Your Objective when you get here is to kill these monsters. They will drop Fusion Rings that look like this, you need to gather 5 of them to start. You will then bring these rings to this NPC. His shop will open up and you will see this interface. This First ring is a 10% Droprate ring and will set you back those 5 Fusion Rings I told you about. After you have the 10% ring you will continue through the upgrade line but this time when you get enough rings you will bring them to home and put the ring you've earned so far into the upgrade machine to make it the next tier. This is the upgrade machine. Upgrade Information on Rings (Drop rate and Double Drop rate rings are separate but they look the same and have the same mechanics to upgrade!) 10% RING 100% Chance to upgrade to 15% RING 5 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 15% RING 100% chance to upgrade to 20% RING 5 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 20% RING 50% Chance to upgrade to 30% RING 10 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 30% RING 100% Chance to upgrade to 40% RING 25 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 40% RING NO FURTHER UPGRADES Good luck and congrats when you get that sweet sweet 40% ring! Shoutout to How910 for providing the pictures for the 30 and 40% rings!
  13. Great Job buddy! Very Accurate !
  14. Death Cape Mini Game Guide (Any usage of the abbreviation DS will refer to Death Seeds for the purpose of this guide.) The Death Cape Mini Game is a mini game that provides you with capes that increase droprate in exchange for "Death Seeds" In order to get to the mini game go inside your mage book and head to the and press in the top of the window that pops up. You will then select in the left hand menu and it should bring you here. If you right click him you will get this menu. Talking to death will allow you to teleport into either Pen 1 Or Pen 2 which both have the same Death Hounds in them . Trading death will allow you to see his stock of death capes. There are 7 Different death capes you can acquire, and they each give you a drop rate boost. 1. Death Cape 2% DR 100 % Upgrade Chance to Blue Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 2. Blue Death Cape 4 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Blazed Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 3. Blazed Death Cape 6 DR% 100 % Upgrade chance to Golden Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 4. Golden Death Cape 8 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Quest Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade cost 5. Quest Death Cape 10 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Red Winged Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 6. Red Winged Cape 12 DR% 50 % Upgrade Chance to 'Perfect' Winged Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 7. Perfect Winged Cape 15% DR 15% DDR NO FURTHER UPGRADES In order to acquire the DS or Death seeds for the upgrades or purchases, you will need to kill the aforementioned Death Hounds. They will drop seeds that look like this. And that's all there is to it! Good luck on your grinds! And go get that 'Perfect' Winged Cape!! BIG SHOUTOUT TO I L0ve Bac0n for providing info on most of the capes!
  15. >Fixed Drop Rate issue with high level drop rate >Drop announces temporarily removed >Prismatic Upgrading Is Now Available >New Volcanic Stones now available >Various bug fixes in-game >Drop Rate slight adjustment Join our active discord server for more information on updates, sneak peeks, helpful members and much more 🙂 https://discord.gg/BzuDTBU
  16. If anyone is down with the WoW Classic crown, let me know! Trying to eventually get a guild going where we can all chill, quest, maybe not die by the other faction, etc. We're in Kurinnaxx or however you spell it in the America region.
  17. I agree had a great time doing the interview.
  18. Thank you @Scarlet & @ToxicGoddess for helping me start my journey with GondorX! ^_^ I am very contented with the server and the community so far, I will stay. 🙂
  19. Hi everyone! I'm typing this as the cache unzips... I have high hopes for this server, I read some forum threads and the owners seem to be very respectable people. 🙂 See you in game! ~ Hiiaaz
  20. Hello all and welcome to Gondor Gains. I will be writing a little news article bi-weekly (once every other week) on things going on around Gondor and highlighting some of the amazing gains we have going on! We’ve had a BUNCH of people join the Legendary donator club. Welcome to the following players! Tyler rsps I l0ve bac0n Stupid4money Toxicgoddess Riley Zacksalem9 key Iron Dreamz Achievements: Congrats to Whipwolf for hitting 1k hours on Gondor. Even a bigger achievement? THIS MAN HIT 100 SUBS!!!! PLEASE GIVE A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THIS MAN FOR HIS DEDICATION AND ALL THE TIME SPENT! We see you grinding and streaming. We love you! Congratulations to MtnDewFreak for winning 50 store credit at the H/c event on Saturday. The runner up was Bloodclat winning a 25$ credit and Kilgharra winning a 10$ credit Interview with Riley: Blazinbudz: We've seen you to be very active player on gondor, what drives you to play? Riley: Honestly? The constant push for getting bear gear drives me. A lot This server is easily the best one ive seen where you can continue to grind and youll get better gear Blazinbudz: I definitely agree, theres a ton of content. Out of all content, what is your favoite and why? Riley:Probably doing poke raids/pc because of helpiing the community. Cant reallly do cash raids because i dont have a 1 hit cape yet. Blazinbudz: Ive seen you receently got legendary rank. Did you donate or are you f2p? Riley: 100% f2p havent donated a single bit. Mainly because i cant. Blazinbudz: do you have any tips/advice for new players? Riley: Ive been seeing way to many ppl get desperate for free stuff or just give up on dedication Thats really the main thing. Newer people really need to realize that it takes time to get better gear. I'd honestly suggest getting elite void as soon as possible and join raids any time they're happening. Oh and go with range to start, Like infernal m16s nd elite range void. Only stick with melee when you've got like emerald blade and uvoid! Blazinbudz:Hey, i agree a lot. Very good advice. Do you have any last words for our community? Riley: I hope that the server continues to grow because this server is just incredible tbh Interview with Iron Dreamz: Blazinbudz: Hello iron how are you doing today? Iron Dreamz: Im alright how are you doing Blazinbudz: Im alright man, you know the usual. I seen you got legendary rank; how hype are you Iron Dreamz: Too hype, the grind is real. THis is where the party starts BLazinbudz: And correct me if im wrong, but you are iron correct? Iron Dreamz: Yes sir, this character is an iron man but my main is also ix kitten. Probably know me on disc as bsilvs Blzinbudz: I see you got legendary rank, did you buy it or grind it? Iron dreamz: This one was paid for due to the one hit cape Blazinbudz: Ive seen you around pretty often, what's your favorite activity? Iron dreamz: My favorite activity would have to be poke raids if i had to choose 1, if i had the option for 2nd prob pc Blazinbudz: Have you attended any of the events lately? And how do you feel aboout them? Iron dreamz; YEs mostly all the raids and any of the cash raids to help speed up for the new commers. Blazinbudz: Okay im going to wrap up, do you have anything to say to the new players? Iron dreamz: Yeah! Get your bloody godswords from monkeys, slay all the dragons, get strong, get gondor. Blazinbudz: Thank you for your time, any lat words for everybody? Iron dreamz: anytime man thank you for having me! Grind up bois! Iron dreamz: *does dance emote* Lazuras: how are you doing tonight toxicgoddess? toxicgoddess: good yourself? toxicgoddess: yep I play as much as I can. love the server and the community. Lazuras: so you have been pretty active here on gondor! what drives you too play? toxicgoddess: I love the community and all of the hard work and content you guys do. I can see you guys work hard to keep us busy. lazuras: agreed Arthur works hard to build our fun little world! lazuras: for you what is you favorite content out at the moment? toxicgoddess: at the moment I don't have a favorite I love it all! but if i had to pick one it would either be pc or maxedbosses lazuras; yea pc is a good one its usually poppin of with masses! toxicgoddess:ya I tried getting one earlier. had it up to 5 people. lazuras: maybe after we are done here ill try to get a pc mass going. toxicgoddess: ok Lazuras: do you have any tips or advice for new players? toxicgoddess: yes always remember to do ::starter and ::frimb and read the starter guides they helped me a lot lazuras: ok yea that's a good one lazuras: ok to wrap this up do you have any last words for the community? Updates: volcanic set added. 4.5 damage multiplier. One of the rarest sets yet, with a UNIQUE flame animation around your character when full set is in use. Spider smusher minigame- Find all 3 pieces of the spider smusher to assemble it. Then attack Kaloo or Ester for chance at new Esters sword and shield and Kaloo crossbow, kite shield and cape. Updates to come: Arthur has been working VERY hard on a spooooooky holiday event. In the VERY near future, you will see home changing and some festive decorations! TONS of models have been added; Get ready to see new Npcs, armour weapons bosses & more
  21. command list GondorX here i will post the most common commands Everyone! ::starter (give 3 extra donation boxes) ::vote (brings up the vote page) ::discord (brings up discord to join) ::help ::frimb (gets you a sword) ::train ( teleports you to the herba dragons) ::edge (edgeville ::draynor ::yanille ::falador Maxed players ::maxedboss (robots) infernal weaps, ::maxedboss2 (godzilla) Epithy set + maxedgodzilla PET {inf prayer} ::maxedboss3 ( elite warriors) PC point neck pieces + elite warrior pet {double XP} ironman ::ironzone (brings you to a custom zone only for ironman, 1point per kill ::ironzone2 (same as ironzone but bit harder and give 2 points per kill 10$ donation and up ::bank (10$ donation rank and up) ::dzone ( skilling zone for donators) Extreme rank and above ::title "Gondor" (without " ) sets a custom title ::ezone (brings you to the Extreme zone ) Legendary rank and above ::lzone (brings you to the Legendary zone with several npc's to kill and to buy Overloads with cash) Investor rank and above ::izone ( brings you to the investorzone with several npc's to kill and Royal imp to catch ) Partner rank and above ::partnerzone ( brings you to Partner zone with several Bosses to kill) if i forgot a command feel free to pm me on discord or reply on this post and i will add it !!!
  22. Flower Poker 1 - Teleport to the gamblers zone in the Mini-games tab. 2 - Trade the gambler and buy a Licence for 12,000 loyalty points and make sure you have enough points to get enough seeds to play a full game (5 seeds a game, or more if you draw/replay). 3 - Find someone who wants to gamble with you and both agree on a bet. 4 - Before starting, make sure you are recording or someone trusted is there as witness. (you wont be able to get items back if you're scammed without evidence). 5 - Start on the east side of the zone and make sure there's 5 free spaces to be able to plant to the west, now plant your 5 seeds. 6 - If a black or white flower is planted by you or the other person then you stop the game and plant 5 new seeds. 7 - Winner receives items/cash you both agreed on. 8 - Good luck and please gamble responsibly. If you aren't enjoying it anymore STOP.
  23. > PC Point Events- Arthur has created a command that he and Wr3cked can use to enable 2x PC Points for ONE HOUR! Whenever the Events Team sets up a Pest Control Event, they can enable this command for you all to gain 2x whatever your usual amount is! > Drop Rate- scrambled the drop rate slightly so that the perfect drop rate is no longer known to players. The rate was changed very minor, you should not even notice a difference. In fact, it might even help with drops. > Custom Yell Tag/Login Scroll- An item to claim a custom yell tag/login message has been added to the shop and boxes. > Deathseed drop announcement remove- If you have over 235 Drop Rate, your drops will no longer be announced as the chat was often spammed and we believe this discouraged a lot of new and mid-level players. > Untradeable items can no longer be bug traded > Perfected Void- Perfected Void has been added into the game! This is the latest set of void that gives a WHOPPING 4.2x damage output multiplier! To obatain the set, you must make use of the Endless Void Minigame! > Endless Void Minigame- The endless void minigame is where you will obtain Void Fragments 1,2, and 3! There are 3 variations of the maxed bosses here in their "void forms". In order to attack these bosses, you need to have a 2,000 KC of each current maxed bosses. Elite Warrior (void form) - Weakness: magic - Drop: Void Fragment 3 (100% Rate) Godzilla (Void Form) - Weakness: Melee - Drop: Void Fragment 2 (100% Rate) Robot (Void Form) - Weakness: Ranged - Drop: Void Fragment 1 (100% Rate) Upgrade requirements: - 500x Void Fragment 1 - 500x Void Fragment 2 - 500x Void Fragment 3 - 5Q Cash Upgrade Rates: - 100% Join our active discord server for more information on updates, sneak peeks, helpful members and much more 🙂 https://discord.gg/BzuDTBU
  24. i was just wondering what all you need to start messing with this kind of stuff, making and altering models i mean
  25. Hallo, Hierbij wil ik meedelen dat er vanaf nu een nederlands gesproken clan chat is. Deze is bedoeld om mensen die moeilijk of zelfs geen engels verstaan, toch wat thuis te brengen in de community. Mocht je interesse hebben,altijd welkom in game. Dutchsquad cc. mvg, Tastepg
  26. > Protectorate Minigame - The goal of this minigame is to obtain the Perfect Protector! You do this by killing the various White Knights who are holding Protector Tokens. Once you have 20 tokens, purchase the Tier 1 Protectorate and then upgrade through all 10 tiers until you have the Perfect Protector! - Each Tier increases by 100 in all equipment bonuses and 5% Double Drop Rate. Meaning the Perfect Protector grants 50% DDR and 1,000 equipment bonuses! > In-Name Donation Store - The In-Name store was added on behalf of the community with how many in-name donations we see. - In-Name Credit scrolls can now be purchased on the store page, and are tradeable in-game. Once used, these scrolls will grant an amount of points correlating to the scroll. These scrolls come in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50. - The In-Name shop can be found in the Lumbridge Castle to the far right! > Pet Damage Nerf - Some people have been noticing they are doing less damage. This is true. The meaning behind this is that base damage multipliers were removed from pets that are not advertised to have it. We want to create a sense of choice around Gondor-X. Not letting one item or pet have multiple high value variables. Such as 20% Drop Rate and 1.5x Damage Multiplier. We want players to choose between if they want Drop Rate or more damage in a certain scenario. These pets were a bit too OP for $50 in the store and so we nerfed them. - I apologize for not letting you all know about this update but if I did announce this, we would see a market flood of users trying to sell these pets because they dont think they still hold value. However, 20% DR is still pretty solid IMO. > Respawns - Respawns have been fixed! Thank goodness, big shoutout to @Jonny#3234 for the help! This was a very very annoying bug that will no longer plague Gondor-X! > Epithy Wand Nerf - The Epithy wand has also been nerfed as it was giving far too much DPS for its worth and lack of difficulty to get in-game. > Prismatic Upgrading - Galactic Weapons can now be upgraded into Prismatic Weapons with 5x Prismatic Stones at a 100% Success Rate! > The Pest Control Necklace is now UNTRADEABLE! > Other various bug fixes and edits Join our active discord server for more information on updates, sneak peeks, helpful members and much more 🙂 https://discord.gg/BzuDTBU
  27. Hot or ColdOther name(s): H/CGeneral Gist: H/C is probably the biggest flower-game. You can find hosts spread out between all worlds saying Hot/Cold x2.Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose.Step by Step: 1. Find a host. 2. Place a bet with your host.3. After the bet is placed, decide whether you want to bet on a hot or a cold flower.4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose.5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time!Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay:
  28. Hello GondorX! My name is Nick (24) and my IGN is Sarcastic. Been following Wr3cked on youtube for a long time and naturally it brought me here. Love the server and the people on it. I'm currently attending University in Canada and this server has been a life source to me as it gets my mind off of school. Hope to see you all in-game!
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