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  1. Arthur

    The story of Glambler

    This sounds dope! Edit: Other than not voting 😡
  2. Sword: https://gyazo.com/85902c8765872ec64537ab0486514bd9 Cape: https://gyazo.com/8e0f4091622e6f156cd5e32fb5579711 Other Rewards: https://gyazo.com/b2adce6545a44009319b606a48218164
  3. ULTIMATE DONATOR CASKET Idek LOL.mp4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legendary Gear Casket IDEK LOL 2.mp4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drop Rate Casket IDEK LOL 3.mp4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hello Beautiful Gondorians! I want to welcome you all to the official launch thread of Gondor-X 2.0! Below we will have valuable information and show-offs that will better layout what Gondor-X 2.0 has to offer you! What is Gondor-X 2.0? Gondor-X 2.0 is a COMPLETE re-design of our game. With new interfaces, models, textures, and more... we are completely re-designing how Gondor-X operates and scales as players progress through our game. We have realized over time that one of the largest issues with Gondor is the barrier to entry! Starting out as a new player is rather tough, and you are sort of thrown into a world with tons of content to enjoy but are not sure how to do so! Building drop rate can be tough and building DPS can be even tougher! So, we have restructured the starting content to better suit both new, old, and returning players to the world of Gondor-X! ( THERE IS NO ECONOMY RESET, YOUR ACCOUNTS ARE 100% SECURE ) New Home Area: The New Home Area features a MASSIVE structure and different areas for you to experience the finer things Gondor-X has to offer. Below I will show you some media of these different areas: Main Area: Skilling Area: Drop Rate Area: Damage Per Second Area: AFK Zone: New Upgrader Interface: Our old upgrader interface was outdated and it was time for an upgrade! This new interface allows us to have as many requirement items as we wish to be able to upgrade a certain item. This will make the content much more extensive! New NPC Drop Viewer The new NPC Drop Viewer is a much more extensive version of our current NPC drop viewer. This version will allow you to see the rates of drops, the chances, and being able to separate the drops into different viewing categories. New Teleport Interface The teleport interface is another piece of content that has needed updating for quite some time now. The update to the teleport interface is very extensive and will allow both old and new players to be fully informed when teleporting to a certain area. This interface will allow us to write a full description, as well as show any possible loots that can be obtained from the area of which you are teleporting to. Mystery Box Interface The mystery box interface is something that has been long requested of us and has finally been created and implemented! This interface will not be on existing mystery boxes but we will be able to use the interface on mystery boxes that will be created in the future! Other Various Content Re-Works and Additions: - Pet Mystery Boxes - Donator Boxes - Low tier bossing - Mid tier bossing - THE ENTIRE SLAYER SKILL - Item upgrading - New Zoning System - FashionScape Minigame - Pokemon Raids - Marvel Raids - Elemental Raids - Aspects of skilling - Donator Scrolls - Damage Arrows - Hopeful Trials Pets - And so much more! THE PLAN - RELEASE DATE Gondor-X 2.0 will be released on SUNDAY - February 16th! We are going to be taking Gondor-X offline for the following days, starting at Midnight (EST), Friday morning - February 16th Gondor-X will be OFFLINE on: Friday( Feb.14 ) Saturday ( Feb.15 ) Sunday(Feb.16) - Until 2:00 PM EST The reason for this down-time is to give us ample time you create the updates and upgrades necessary to make the release and launch of Gondor-X 2.0 the best that we possibly can! The release of Gondor-X 2.0 is officailly set for Sunday- February 16 - 2:00 PM EST!! FUND-RAISER This coming weekend will be running a fund-raiser for all things Gondor 2.0! We will be offering special bonuses, prizes, content additions, and more throughout the weekend for those who are interested in participating! More infomation on this will be released in the discord server, make sure to join - HERE MARKETING Obviously our co-owner Wr3ckedYou will be creating videos and content leading up to the release of Gondor-X 2.0! However, we will also be contracting a few outside sources to help us make the release and launch of our 2.0 world a much more active and hype day than it would be normally! We are going to be looking for different creators and outlets eager to work with Gondor for the days of Wedneday (Feb.12) & Thursday (Feb.13) to come online our beta version of 2.0 and create some awesome content and show people what Gondor-X 2.0 is all about! These videos will be a great way to show-off all of the hard work, dedication, and time that we have put into our server! Conclusion In conclusion, we are SO SO SO excited for the release and launch of Gondor-X 2.0! As one chapter in our community closes, another one opens. We expect Gondor-X 2.0 to far out preform the first version and we look forward to all of you joining along with us for this ride! It is going to be an absolutely amazing event and we look forward to seeing both new and old faces on launch day! Thank you, - Gondor-X Executive Team
  5. What IS Gondor-X 2.0? Gondor-X 2.0 is the reinvention of Gondor-X. We are putting in thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, as well as our blood, sweat, and tears into this new and improved version of Gondor-X. We told you all that 2020 will be twice the year that 2019 was for Gondor and we are going to deliver on that promise! What kind of updates can we expect to see? The Gondor-X gameplay is going to be flipped on its head! We are going to be COMPLETELY reconstructing the beginning phase of Gondor-X. While we will be keeping some content, others are going to be leaving Gondor forever! We are going to have specific zones and guides (in-game) to aid new players in building drop rate or DPS. They will have two different areas at our home base where they can simply run to, learn about, and then begin their journey with us! We believe that one of our largest barriers are new players logging in and being confused as to where to start, what to do, and how to get ahead. We are going to be making this process MUCH easier and better laid out for all of our new members to Gondor-X! New Home Area: We are COMPLETELY throwing out our current home and having a brand new home area designed from scratch to be completely unique to Gondor-X. Below is a rough draft of what you can expect without giving too much away. New Teleport Interface: Our teleport interface is something that has needed a re-work for some time now. Not for practicality sake but for cleanliness and messiness. The teleports are far out-dated and out of place in most cases! Our new teleport interface is going to be gorgeous and below you can see a rough draft of what our new interface will look like! New Upgrading Interface: The upgrade interface is limiting. With the amount of items that can be shown and how it portrays upgrading, it seems very lackluster. We want to completely re-design the interface and the action of upgrading to create something totally unique and new to Gondor-X! We have so many great ideas in mind when it comes to upgrading that are going to blow you all away! White board rough draft: New NPC Drop Viewer: Again, a piece of content the NEEDS re-designing. So what are we doing, redesigning it! The new NPC Drop Viewer is going to be 100x more extensive and elaborate on what kinds of drops and at what kinds of rates you can expect to get these drops. This system will be great for all players, old and new. It is something that will really boost our visual aspect of Gondor-X! White board preview: Mystery Box Interface: The mystery box interface will be a new and exciting piece of content coming to Gondor-X! You will now be able to see the possible rewards of the boxes you are opening as well as you will be able to watch a spinner that will land on your exact item chosen from the box! The boxes are still RNG based but this makes the entire process so much more fun and entertaining! Content Reconstruction: Below is a list of ALL of the content that will be getting a second look and being re constructed to fit into the flow of Gondor as well as be a more useful piece of content going forward: - Pet Mystery Boxes - Donator Boxes - Low tier bossing - Mid tier bossing - THE ENTIRE SLAYER SKILL - Item upgrading - New Zoning System - FashionScape Minigame - Pokemon Raids - Marvel Raids - Elemental Raids - Aspects of skilling - Donator Scrolls - Damage Arrows - Hopeful Trials Pets - And so much more!
  6. The following items are accepted as sacrifice for the EGG minigame: seph helm- seph top- seph legs- seph gloves- seph boots- seph masumune- done link helm- link top- link legs- done jack helm- jack top- jack legs- lantern mask- hween glaive- done six month helm- six month top- six month legs- six month boots- six month gloves- six month cape- six month sword- six month shield- done fantasy helm- fantasy top- fantasy legs- fantasy staff- done legacy helm- legacy top- lecacy legs- legacy bow- done turkey helm- turkey top- turkey legs- turkey feet- thanksgiving amulet- done icy helm- icy top- icy legs- icy cape- icy amulet- done ulti glaive mh- ulti glaive oh- green out glaive- pink panther glaive- captain america shield- eye of gondor- candy cane- christmas scythe- icy scythe- silent night scythe- demon edges- done weed icon- dice icon- one hit cape- investor attach- investor cape- owner attach- owner cape- 100 dr ring- 100 ddr ring- 100 dr ddr ring- done capt america pet- iron man pet- ulti warrior pet- yoshi pet- yoshi instance- wr3cked you pet-
  7. May 31st - 2019 On this day, Gondor-X was conceived! Or the idea of Gondor-X. Wr3cked did some work for a server I was running with a partner who was not carrying their side of the deal. He could tell that I was in a very frustrated spot and came to me with an idea that would create the amazing community and server we have here today! While the 31st is not our celebrated anniversary date, it is a very important date in Gondor-X's history! June 16th - 2019 June 16 is the official anniversary date of Gondor-X releasing to the public! We had an amazing release and this really set the tone for the rest of the servers lifespan! We have been trucking along at the same pace with the same amount of updates and content released every week! We continue to have a drive and passion for our server and community that is unrivaled by the competition! July 15- 2019 July 15th was the first time we celebrated our anniversary! We were really starting to build a community at this point and both our staff team and server were growing into something AMAZING! The community was truly starting to take a liking to what we were building and the direction we were going with it! August 05 - 2019 August 05 was the LARGEST account breaching in Gondor-X's history to-date. A rival server sold their players personal data off and several members were using this data to hack into players accounts on Gondor-X I believe in total we have 60-70 accounts hacked that day that had notable amounts of wealth on them. September 08 - 2019 We celebrated our anniversary a bit early in September but this was by far one of the HYPEST anniversary celebrations we have ever had! We had 60+ players online for most of this weekend and it was absolutely packed with active events and streams! I remember the entire weekend just being a great time for everyone! October 25 - 2019 On this day, our forums had a HUGE overhaul and upgrade! The previous forum theme and look was not very appealing to the eye and with this new overhaul, we now had a beautiful place to make and read our guides, announcements, and other forum posts! I am glad that we decided to do this as I think our forums have become more active since the update. November 11 - 2019 November 11 we celebrated six months of Gondor-X. This is a HUGE accomplishment for any community and RSPS. We all know how short-lived RSPS's can be, so surviing and thriving for six whole months was a huge deal to us! We have our sights set on that one year anniversary and we absolutely can not wait to celebrate with each and every one of you! December 31 - 2019 Today is the day that we celebrate and let you all know just how thankful we are to have you here with us. I will be the first to tell you that I know we have some issues that need solving. And trust me, we are working on all of them. 2020 is going to be an amazing year for Gondor-X and we have an ENTIRE make-over for Gondor-X coming in the first few weeks of January. I think that everyone is really going to appreciate the work we are putting into Gondor and it is really going to show once we release a few of these new sneak peaks we have. I hope you all enjoyed this small year in review post and I look forward to our future journeys together! ❤️
  8. Amazing work ❤️ PM me in-game for 10x Christmas Crackers!
  9. Love this! Very nice work!
  10. Hello Gondorians! This is the first of many events we will be offering during our SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY! This event will be a contest on who can make the best guide in their subject over the weekend! The best guides are going to be linked in-game with a command for the community to use them! These guides will MOSTLY be new-player friendly! Activity Dates Start: 11-16-19 : 3:00 PM EST End: 11-20-19 : 3:00 PM EST Currently Needed Guides: - FULL Void Guide, from base void-perfected void - FULL Beginner Drop Rate Guide (Minigames, Mario Pet/Hat, etc), basically gaining the F2P Drop Rate - FULL Raid Guide (explanation of each raid and loots - (I will help with whoever chooses this) - FULL Global Boss guide (drops, effects of drops, etc) - FULL Upgrade Guide ( I will work on this with you ) - FULL Price Guide Rewards: Red Difficulty = $50 Scroll + 40x Anniversary Boxes Orange Difficulty = $25 Scroll + 25x Anniversary Boxes Green Difficulty = $25 Scroll + 10x Anniversary Boxes Application Form: - IGN: - Requested Guide: - Discord Username: - Total Hours: - In-Game Rank:
  11. Hello Gondorians! Boy oh boy... six months. 182 days straight of Gondor-X! That is quite an achievement and I want to take this time to congratulate our staff team and community on such an insane achievement. This server and community truly means so much to both @wr3ckedyouand I, we are so blessed to have you all here playing our server day-in and day-out. So a BIG thank you is in order for each and every one of you. Going Forward The Gondor-X community is a very tight-knight one. While this is a great aspect from a community standpoint, it poses problems in terms of a long-lasting economy. What I mean by this, is the lending of high-tier items. Players lending each other 100% Drop Rate items have made the economy extremely skewed. Giving many players the opportunities that they should not have to farm items constantly. This is unfortunately effecting the revenue of our server, thus the longevity of our server. So, in light of this, we are going to be trade-locking 100% Drop Rate items, effective immediately. You will all have the day to have your items returned to you before they are trade-locked to the accounts they are currently on. I hope you can all understand and see why this needs to be done in order to protect our future. Also, we are going to be COMPLETELY re-doing the donator store and the beginner content. It is currently far too tough for new players to tier up into high-maxed content. This is putting a lot of our new players off from staying on Gondor-X and seeing us as a new home for themselves. There will be a new, full post on this in the coming days. Weekend Events Dicing Tournament We are hosting a a dicing tournament this Saturday with the top 5 donators of Gondor-X! You can place bets on them in the following thread: Maxed Raid Guide We are going to be offering special prizes for those who can create the best looking and most informative Maxed Raid Guide thread here on the forums! The prizes have not been determined yet but we will have an official thread released soon! Wr3cked Boss We are going to be hosting several Wr3cked Boss masses for you all to obtain some amazing drops this weekend! Look forward to many streams by @wr3ckedyouas well as we will have some special guest streamers stepping in for the weekend activities!
  12. Hello Gondorians! If your In-Game rank does not appear on your forums account, please request a rank here! Simply fill out the form below and your rank will be given! You will need an up-to-date screenshot of your account attached to any and all posts! Application In-Game Name: In-Game Rank: Screenshot of Rank:
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