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  1. Hello Gondorians! This is the first of many events we will be offering during our SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY! This event will be a contest on who can make the best guide in their subject over the weekend! The best guides are going to be linked in-game with a command for the community to use them! These guides will MOSTLY be new-player friendly! Activity Dates Start: 11-16-19 : 3:00 PM EST End: 11-20-19 : 3:00 PM EST Currently Needed Guides: - FULL Void Guide, from base void-perfected void - FULL Beginner Drop Rate Guide (Minigames, Mario Pet/Hat, etc), basically gaining the F2P Drop Rate - FULL Raid Guide (explanation of each raid and loots - (I will help with whoever chooses this) - FULL Global Boss guide (drops, effects of drops, etc) - FULL Upgrade Guide ( I will work on this with you ) - FULL Price Guide Rewards: Red Difficulty = $50 Scroll + 40x Anniversary Boxes Orange Difficulty = $25 Scroll + 25x Anniversary Boxes Green Difficulty = $25 Scroll + 10x Anniversary Boxes Application Form: - IGN: - Requested Guide: - Discord Username: - Total Hours: - In-Game Rank:
  2. Hello Gondorians! Boy oh boy... six months. 182 days straight of Gondor-X! That is quite an achievement and I want to take this time to congratulate our staff team and community on such an insane achievement. This server and community truly means so much to both @wr3ckedyouand I, we are so blessed to have you all here playing our server day-in and day-out. So a BIG thank you is in order for each and every one of you. Going Forward The Gondor-X community is a very tight-knight one. While this is a great aspect from a community standpoint, it poses problems in terms of a long-lasting economy. What I mean by this, is the lending of high-tier items. Players lending each other 100% Drop Rate items have made the economy extremely skewed. Giving many players the opportunities that they should not have to farm items constantly. This is unfortunately effecting the revenue of our server, thus the longevity of our server. So, in light of this, we are going to be trade-locking 100% Drop Rate items, effective immediately. You will all have the day to have your items returned to you before they are trade-locked to the accounts they are currently on. I hope you can all understand and see why this needs to be done in order to protect our future. Also, we are going to be COMPLETELY re-doing the donator store and the beginner content. It is currently far too tough for new players to tier up into high-maxed content. This is putting a lot of our new players off from staying on Gondor-X and seeing us as a new home for themselves. There will be a new, full post on this in the coming days. Weekend Events Dicing Tournament We are hosting a a dicing tournament this Saturday with the top 5 donators of Gondor-X! You can place bets on them in the following thread: Maxed Raid Guide We are going to be offering special prizes for those who can create the best looking and most informative Maxed Raid Guide thread here on the forums! The prizes have not been determined yet but we will have an official thread released soon! Wr3cked Boss We are going to be hosting several Wr3cked Boss masses for you all to obtain some amazing drops this weekend! Look forward to many streams by @wr3ckedyouas well as we will have some special guest streamers stepping in for the weekend activities!
  3. Hello Gondorians! A little while ago, I made a discord rank titled "Top 5 Donators" which I assigned to the top 5 supporters of Gondor-X! I did this in preparation for events like this! Event Details Place: Gamblers Zone Date: Saturday - November 9 Time: 2:00 PM EST This event will be a Dicing Tournament! The rules are going to be very simple, all 5 top donators will have a dice bag. These members will dice against each other one time, and the user with the higher number will proceed to the next round. Since 5 is an odd number, Zarzu will be given a bypass for the first round, being our #1 Supporter here on Gondor-X. Once the first round is completed, we will have three participants. These three will all roll their dice to see who bypasses to the championship round automatically. The other two members will then duel against each other to see who is the other finalist. Once a second finalist is determined, we will have our final duel to crown the winner of the tournament! Participants - Zarzu - Kilgharra - Paka - Xoros01 - Ratgod If one of these players can not attend the event, they will be substituted by the player with the next largest total amount donated! How Can You Participate? We are allowing members to place BETS on one participant! If your chosen participant wins, whatever you bet is doubled! If not, you lose whatever items you have bet for the event. Max bet is items or cash up to 10Q! In order for your bet to be recorded, you must use the application format below and reply to this thread with your bet! Application: - In-Game Name: - Chosen Participant - Items or cash amount bet: Prizes Grand Prize: A one-of-one cosmetic gamblers cape! Secondary Prizes: All other participants will be given a free $50 scroll!
  4. Hello Gondorians! If your In-Game rank does not appear on your forums account, please request a rank here! Simply fill out the form below and your rank will be given! You will need an up-to-date screenshot of your account attached to any and all posts! Application In-Game Name: In-Game Rank: Screenshot of Rank:
  5. Nice guide and great start! You are missing a few so be sure to PM me when you want to finish the list!
  6. Thank you for this thread, we needed this. Both @wr3ckedyouand myself care deeply about this server and our community. All of these suggestions and opinions are valid and need to be addressed by us. I will make a full length discord announcement replying to each of the above issues in detail. I am unfortunately dealing with a bit of pressure in my personal life right now (I made a discord announcement about this) but as soon as I am settled. I will address everything above. We have high hopes and extensive plans for the server, don't let a few speed bumps in the beginning make you think we are off course!
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    Thanks Andy!
  8. Welcome back @Pinky
  9. Hello Gondor-X Community! Today I am proud to announce our Race to Max In-Game event! This is our first ever in-game event as a community and we look forward to seeing all of you compete against one another in an attempt to be the first few people to obtain maxed total level on Gondor-X! What You Need To Know: - EVERY Gondor-X Skill Has a Max Level of 120! - The Max Total Level at Gondor-X is 3,000! - You ARE allowed to multi-log on ONE Ironman Account, ONE Ultimate Ironman Account, and ONE Regular Account - Hardcore IronMan is NOT released yet and will have its own Race to Max when released Rules: - Multi-logging/Muling on the same type of account (regular, ironman, UIM) is NOT allowed! - Drop Trading between accounts is NOT allowed - You ARE allowed to work with a team/clan - Ragging/Camping an area so others can not use it is NOT allowed - ANY abuse of powers from a staff member will result in an immediate demotion and disqualification - Abusing any glitches/bugs to further yourself will result in a disqualification (possible further action will be taken) Prizes: Regular Accounts: 1st Place: - 50 Donator Credits - Custom Colored/Textured (tradeable) Partyhat (+5% Drop Rate) - Custom Colored/Textured (tradeable) H'Ween Mask (+5% Drop Rate) - Custom Animal Pet (+15% Drop Rate) 2nd Place: - 25 Donator Credits - Custom Animal Pet (+10% Drop Rate) 3rd Place: - 25 Donator Credits Iron Men Accounts 1st Place: - 100 Donator Credits - Custom Cape with +10% Damage Output and +20% Drop Rate 2nd Place: - 50 Donator Credits - Recolored/Textured Armor Set of your choice (+10% Drop Rate) 3rd Place - 50 Donator Credits Ultimate IronMen Accounts 1st Place: - 150 Donator Credits - Custom Armor Set With +20% Drop Rate - Custom Pet with +10% Damage Output - Custom Cape with +5% Damage Output and +10% Drop Rate 2nd Place: - 100 Donator Credits - Custom Necklace with your choice of either 10%+ Damage Output or +20% Drop Rate 3rd Place: - 100 Donator Credits How Do I enter? ** In Order To Participate, you MUST fill out & submit the form below! Simply Copy, Paste and fill out the forum in a reply to THIS thread! ** - In-Game Name: - Account Type: - Start Date (June 16 if you are applying before release):
  10. The following are the official rules and regulations of the Gondor-X Community & Game. *Be advised* These rules are subject to broad interpretation by administration and may be edited at any time without official notice. The law ideal of "ex post facto" applies to all of the following, meaning that if an event takes place that the administration deems not allowed, but is not yet considered in the following regulations, you will still be punished accordingly by the hands of administration. The mission of Gonodr-X's rules is to provide its community with a fair and just organized system of regulations, thereby creating a safe and respectful game-play environment. Title I: Behavior and Respect There is to be no direct flaming at an individual. Oral judgments and/or bias based on race, gender, or creed are not tolerated. The community deserves to show one another the utmost respect at all times by being accepting of all ideals and lifestyles. You are not to impersonate staff members. If an indicated staff member gives you a command within reasonable boundaries you are to follow their request without question. Personal information of an individual is not to be released without that person's permission. You are not to threaten another player with DDOS or hacking. No advertising of other games or companies not affiliated with Gondor-X this includes games outside of RSPS. If you encourage others to break rules you will be punished just as they are. Excessive use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Spamming is illegal if the timer is under 6 seconds. Certain types of trolling may result in a punishment if the trolling personally offends a player, ruins a players time on the server or is not considered trolling to others. Excessive use of characters or reeing in yell, public, or clan chat will not be tolerated and may result in punishment. Using any language aside from English in yell or in clan chat is not allowed. Title II: Real World Trading (RWT) There is to be no buying or selling of Gondor-X accounts, services, or gold - for gold or real world money. Trade of 3rd party items are not allowed to be organized via Gondor-X communication. Trade of any sort of item from Gondor-X for another servers items is not allowed. Title III: Macro use and/or botting No form of third party software should be used in order to achieve an unfair advantage. The account's owner must be in active control of the account at all logged on instances. The only acceptable third party software is a auto-typer which must be set to 10+ second pauses each line. You are not allowed to make multiple accounts purely for the Skill Points. Title IV: Hacking Any form of unauthorized admission into an account is referred to as hacking and is a serious offense. All instances of use of phishing sites and/or key logging programs are not allowed. Title V: Bug abuse If a glitch is found it must be reported immediately in full detail to a staff member. Using bugs/glitches more than once thereby achieving an unfair advantage is not allowed. Attempting to or successfully duplicating items via glitches is strongly prohibited and results in strict punishment Safespotting (attacking an npc when they can't attack you) is not allowed. VI. Multi logging Multi-logging is only allowed if you are on a regular account and an ironman account. Logging into two regular accounts at once is not allowed. You are not permitted to do any type of account sharing. If you are quitting and think about giving away the account, it is within' the grounds of the staff team to ban the account from access of other players. Title VII: Donating No refunds will be given for loss of donated items due to regulatory game play circumstances. Refunds may be given if sufficient evidence of the game malfunctioning is indicated on a report ticket. All players must follow the maximum set prices for donations. Chargebacks are strictly forbidden, you will be instantly ip banned if you choose to do so. Donations are sent to help keep the server alive by trying to reclaim your money you are hurting the entire community! Custom Donations are handled directly through @Arthur and @Wr3ckedYou ONLY. VIII. Miscellaneous game rules If a serious offenses are committed on one account, you will be punished on any additional alternate accounts (evasions will lead to more punishment sometimes even resulting in multiple bans) Middlemanning gambles are not permitted ever. Staff will deny any requests for any lost items out of the gambling interface. No scamming is allowed. Gambling ingame currency vs in-name donations is not allowed. Title IX: Forum regulations All of the above rules which apply to communication apply to the forum. No grave digging - replying to a thread which is no longer active. Be sure to search before you post to avoid multiple of the same question/guide/conversation. You are allowed to bump your own post once every 24 hours, a maximum of three times. If you are punished in-game and feel compelled to flame on forums, this will not only land you from being banned via forums, but as well earn a longer punishment in-game as well. Staff Rules All staff must follow the above rules just as a regular player. Abuse of powers in order to provide an unfair advantage for yourself or another player is prohibited and will result in a automatic demottion of the position. Players deserve the utmost respect especially from their superiors. Failure to report malicious activity may cause your position to be reevaluated. No staff under any circumstances are allowed to transfer items for two accounts unless it is approved by an admin (this includes middle manning any gambles).
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