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  1. Firstly let me say, I love Gondor. I love Supporting both Arthur and Wr3ckedyou. I believe it has potential to be the number 1 custom server in the future. But this also means I believe it isn't in that state right now. This post will be filled with opinions that may seem unfair, suggestions that I believe will improve the server, Ideas and feedback from other members of the server and the overall state of things. This won't be a rant, it will be information and, that information can be used however the owners see fit. Okay now that is out of the way, Who am I, why am I here? Many of you know me as Yuki/Aqurax. I play tons of servers and have been playing servers for nearly 15 years now. I have been every staff position from support to owner, the only thing I lack the knowledge of is coding. This serve in my honest opinion is dying. The recent game mechanics that have been changed may be for the better but also in my opinion are driving people away. 'Clean Eco' This is what I hear constantly, and think it is at the point of people realizing that most of the games 'Eco' is from donations. People who hold 'Eco' Either gambled with people who have donated, or have donated themselves. I'd like to say that more than 60% of the higher tier items in the game are from donating. This isn't a bad thing per say, it just means many people see that the rewards are worth donating for, or they choose to support the owners and what they have created. Being able to support them is a great thing, yes, but doesn't necessarily mean it is a great thing for the mechanics of the game, the richest people, the strongest people are all pay 2 win, and people who aren't pay to win and up there win it from people who are. I feel my first major point that needs to be discussed is a way for players to be rewarded for playing and grinding the game and incentive to not just donate to become a top player. This is my opinion and possibly a completely wrong point of view. I'll accept that as well but I feel I need to get it out there. The big problem is I don't know how you would fix this. It would be bad if everyone could become op from just a few days of grinding. Maybe change how donations work and make it a point based system where players can earn points or buy points. A simple example is 1-hit cape costing $400, it could be 400 points. And one of the ways people could earn points is maybe 1 Point for every 1000 Npcs killed (not including chickens and monsters with sub 1000 health to make sure it isn't abused) this means for someone to play the game and earn a 1-hit cape it would take 400,000 kills. Not such a small feat, but an incentive to grind the game more rather than donating. The next topic I wish to discuss with everyone is the infamous drop rate. I honestly couldn't tell you if it works or it doesn't anymore. People say it is broken, they aren't getting drops, then you watch chat and you see people getting drops every minute. So I don't really know what is going on. But I would say the average drop rate of a player is 15-35% and Mine sitting at 127% currently, I should be getting drops 5 times more often as other people. And It certainty doesn't feel that way. I am also the unluckiest person in the world when it comes to this kind of thing so that may just be the reason. However prior to changes people were getting far too many drops such as AngryPirate who would just farm scrolls at dragons and get 10 in 5 minutes period of time. This is not okay in the slightest, it devalues items and floods the ECO. But where we are now, people complain about not getting drops off bosses, and compared to before there has been significantly less drops. Overall a positive thing, but if you rapidly change how something is from tons of drops to practically none, people are going to claim it is broken. We should probably seek a more medium on how drops work. Also this ties into another huge problem. There is only about 5 bosses/monsters with actual drop tables. The rest are, kill a boss get a guaranteed mbox, get lucky to get a drop within in the mbox. Which I am sure some players favor that, but some players do not favor that. This isn't fact but I believe the so highly sought after dr bonus has no effect on opening boxes. Everyone strives to have the maximum potential of getting drops, be we can't even tell if it is working or not without extensive testing and, because of RNG even with testing we might not be correct on our finds. We can't really fix what isn't broken so, I mean, the best thing I can think of is having Arthur release the numbers. What is the percentage or chances of getting a drop. Is it 1 in 5000 to get a rare drop from this boss, or is it 2%.. this isn't a fix, but helps people understand what they are grinding for. If you have numbers in front of you, you won't feel that you are endlessly grinding towards no goal. If it is one in 5000 then it feels like, oh yay as much as that sucks to grind 5000 of these things, if I do, statistically speaking I should get a drop 1 time. As for the lack of bosses that have drop tables in the first place, we just need to add more. This is a custom server there shouldn't be a choice of 4 different things to do, camp multi-boss, play pest control, do raids, do solo boss. It makes all the content as much as their is feel limited. I am speaking towards the end game players here. As for a new player, there is loads to grind and work your way up to the end game, but it is almost as if the journey to the end game is more rewarding then the end game itself. For now this is the last thing that needs to be suggested. Arthur needs a team, we can see how much pressure is on him and it isn't healthy. I believe there should be a bug testing client, where either current staff members are to test new content before it is released, or volunteers are chosen, it doesn't need to be 100 people maybe 5-10 MAX who are trusted to test the content properly, look for major issues and assist Arthur in changing what needs to be fixed before everything goes live. A good example of this is what happened at streamzone, an amazing concept and idea, quickly realized that the store was far too cheap for the points people were earning. If that had been just tested before going live, then it could have been avoided that it shutdown so quickly and prevented anyone who may abused it. There are too many bugs that go live, and it is unfortunate because Arthur is trying his best and more than that to make sure everything is perfect. He is always so busy I just think that this small team helping him would be a good way to lift some of the stress of him working everything on his own. I will be adding more sections to this post, but I want to get what I have out there for people to read over and consider this information.
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