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  1. Does anybody know if theres a way I can use the Gyazo's and you wouldn't need to click on them? I want it so when you open the post, the gayzos automatically pop up and you don't need to click the links
  2. Hello all and welcome to October’s edition of Gondor Gainz! This month is the spooky season, and with the spooky season comes Spooky Events and a WHOLE bunch of content! Updates: > Halloween Event - The Halloween Event is a 2 part event and will take a mid-tier player a few hours. You must travel far across the lands of Gondor-X to finish this event and the prizes include a full set that give 2400+ Equipment Bonus + 35% DR!! All items are Untradeable - This event can be started at home, next to the altar by talking to the Witch. https://gyazo.com/1c7e2b24b3575bf5683eae1a7fe3e116 > Halloween 2019 Promo Box - We have created a promotinal Halloween Box that contains a Halloween Glaive and full jack set. https://gyazo.com/300805e58fd4caf91c25495eddc863b2 https://gyazo.com/8a86de07dd399b513fb9b25494aac383 - A new maxed boss has been introduced (::maxedboss4) > Drops Include: - Mandrith Impaler https://gyazo.com/bdd70d3d504b0d6cd0d94311877aabef - Mandrith Soul https://gyazo.com/3412a8b41971ca3e20f267b62897bbbd - Mandrith Pet https://gyazo.com/552f0e90c9a3af96ee3a1e117688ba4a - All Infernal Weaponry - Ruby Crystals - Cyan Crystals - Emerald Crystals - Super donator scroll - Collector Ammy - Arrow Raid > Drop include: - 20% Drop Rate Arrow - 20% Double Drop Rate Arrow - 2x Magic Damage Arrow - 2x Melee Damage Arrow - 2x Ranged Damage Arrow - Archer Glaives - Prismatic Stone - Emerald Crystal - Cyan Crystal - Ruby Crystal - Dark Matter - 1Q Ticket https://gyazo.com/628372b2bda55d551fc61de68b3bb265 > Altars at home fixed > Several bugs have been fixed and patched > Speeds of a few weapons have been changed > Stream Zone - The streamzone store has been fixed and edited to hold more items! There are now emerald and full galactic items in the stream zone store. Along with the updates, we’ve had many players of ours reach some pretty crazy achievements, and new donation ranks. Please welcome the following Grim Reaper, Warev2, Bigg Hunter, and Scarlet to the Legendary donator club! Interviews: Interview with I L0ve Bac0n: Blazinbudz: So, I've seen you active a lot in game and on streams, what inspires you to play and what are your favorite activites here on Gondor? Bac0n: The community for sure! Way different than all the other rsps I have played on in a good way. What keeps me going is literally Arthur I swear. This man is a machine in pumping out new events/raids/items for all of tiers of players for Gondor. I love his passion for the server and that's why I too, am dedicated as well! Blazinbudz:What is your favorite piece of content that has been added recently? We've had a LOT of new content, in the past month or so Bac0n: Indeed! The arrow raid and maxedboss 4 (Mandrith). Why? Cause those loots are crazy good for higher tier players Or just regular players in general if they get lucky! Blazinbudz Is there a current goal that you are shooting for? Like getting a specific armor set, a dr ring, cape etc? Bac0n Yes, finishing up my second set of perfected void, I have 500 shards left! Than focusing on all the arrows from the new raid and finishing up trying to get the new yoshi pet! For items, definitely trying to get the ultimate glaive OH and maybe 100dr ring and the BIS melee Masamune! And possibly the investor attachment as well! Blazinbudz: Those are some HEFTY goals, how long do you think its going to take you to get those items? Those are TOP TIER END GAME. And how is your plan of action to get them? Donation or grinding the money and buying in name donations? Bac0n A long time, but then again, I plan to stay for a long time! Just gotta keep up the grind and pushing! Not donating for now because I would love to keep my f2p status on the server! (Perhaps in the future though!) Definitely from buying donations in-game and just farming for the money to afford those items! For sure it's going to take a while but I will get there! Blazinbudz: With goals that big, we hope to see you around and active as you've been. Do you have any last words for the community or the new players? Bac0n Ofc! Definitely don't give up! Stay active and get ready to grind your butt off! I promise if you dedicate yourself to the server, the server definitely will give back! If you need any help at all shoot I L0ve Bac0n a pm in-game or beacon00 on discord a pm! Puzzle: Who makes it, has no need of it. Who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?
  3. Hello all and welcome to Gondor Gains. I will be writing a little news article bi-weekly (once every other week) on things going on around Gondor and highlighting some of the amazing gains we have going on! We’ve had a BUNCH of people join the Legendary donator club. Welcome to the following players! Tyler rsps I l0ve bac0n Stupid4money Toxicgoddess Riley Zacksalem9 key Iron Dreamz Achievements: Congrats to Whipwolf for hitting 1k hours on Gondor. Even a bigger achievement? THIS MAN HIT 100 SUBS!!!! PLEASE GIVE A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THIS MAN FOR HIS DEDICATION AND ALL THE TIME SPENT! We see you grinding and streaming. We love you! Congratulations to MtnDewFreak for winning 50 store credit at the H/c event on Saturday. The runner up was Bloodclat winning a 25$ credit and Kilgharra winning a 10$ credit Interview with Riley: Blazinbudz: We've seen you to be very active player on gondor, what drives you to play? Riley: Honestly? The constant push for getting bear gear drives me. A lot This server is easily the best one ive seen where you can continue to grind and youll get better gear Blazinbudz: I definitely agree, theres a ton of content. Out of all content, what is your favoite and why? Riley:Probably doing poke raids/pc because of helpiing the community. Cant reallly do cash raids because i dont have a 1 hit cape yet. Blazinbudz: Ive seen you receently got legendary rank. Did you donate or are you f2p? Riley: 100% f2p havent donated a single bit. Mainly because i cant. Blazinbudz: do you have any tips/advice for new players? Riley: Ive been seeing way to many ppl get desperate for free stuff or just give up on dedication Thats really the main thing. Newer people really need to realize that it takes time to get better gear. I'd honestly suggest getting elite void as soon as possible and join raids any time they're happening. Oh and go with range to start, Like infernal m16s nd elite range void. Only stick with melee when you've got like emerald blade and uvoid! Blazinbudz:Hey, i agree a lot. Very good advice. Do you have any last words for our community? Riley: I hope that the server continues to grow because this server is just incredible tbh Interview with Iron Dreamz: Blazinbudz: Hello iron how are you doing today? Iron Dreamz: Im alright how are you doing Blazinbudz: Im alright man, you know the usual. I seen you got legendary rank; how hype are you Iron Dreamz: Too hype, the grind is real. THis is where the party starts BLazinbudz: And correct me if im wrong, but you are iron correct? Iron Dreamz: Yes sir, this character is an iron man but my main is also ix kitten. Probably know me on disc as bsilvs Blzinbudz: I see you got legendary rank, did you buy it or grind it? Iron dreamz: This one was paid for due to the one hit cape Blazinbudz: Ive seen you around pretty often, what's your favorite activity? Iron dreamz: My favorite activity would have to be poke raids if i had to choose 1, if i had the option for 2nd prob pc Blazinbudz: Have you attended any of the events lately? And how do you feel aboout them? Iron dreamz; YEs mostly all the raids and any of the cash raids to help speed up for the new commers. Blazinbudz: Okay im going to wrap up, do you have anything to say to the new players? Iron dreamz: Yeah! Get your bloody godswords from monkeys, slay all the dragons, get strong, get gondor. Blazinbudz: Thank you for your time, any lat words for everybody? Iron dreamz: anytime man thank you for having me! Grind up bois! Iron dreamz: *does dance emote* Lazuras: how are you doing tonight toxicgoddess? toxicgoddess: good yourself? toxicgoddess: yep I play as much as I can. love the server and the community. Lazuras: so you have been pretty active here on gondor! what drives you too play? toxicgoddess: I love the community and all of the hard work and content you guys do. I can see you guys work hard to keep us busy. lazuras: agreed Arthur works hard to build our fun little world! lazuras: for you what is you favorite content out at the moment? toxicgoddess: at the moment I don't have a favorite I love it all! but if i had to pick one it would either be pc or maxedbosses lazuras; yea pc is a good one its usually poppin of with masses! toxicgoddess:ya I tried getting one earlier. had it up to 5 people. lazuras: maybe after we are done here ill try to get a pc mass going. toxicgoddess: ok Lazuras: do you have any tips or advice for new players? toxicgoddess: yes always remember to do ::starter and ::frimb and read the starter guides they helped me a lot lazuras: ok yea that's a good one lazuras: ok to wrap this up do you have any last words for the community? Updates: volcanic set added. 4.5 damage multiplier. One of the rarest sets yet, with a UNIQUE flame animation around your character when full set is in use. Spider smusher minigame- Find all 3 pieces of the spider smusher to assemble it. Then attack Kaloo or Ester for chance at new Esters sword and shield and Kaloo crossbow, kite shield and cape. Updates to come: Arthur has been working VERY hard on a spooooooky holiday event. In the VERY near future, you will see home changing and some festive decorations! TONS of models have been added; Get ready to see new Npcs, armour weapons bosses & more
  4. BlazinBudz Custom Models Hello, and welcome to my custom 3d model portfolio. Here you will find items I've created from complete scratch, or have taken pre-existing models and edited them, or recolours. https://gyazo.com/e29d024989f9024b29fab4b7b4772919 (s) https://gyazo.com/d4a3e1696a740434b82fa34ec4ecf83f (s) https://gyazo.com/e55a63d5d8d0194da8804650d1b798d8 (e) https://gyazo.com/143523c97ff893c70e66a23655aa6217 https://gyazo.com/396d0ce38493fa7b654d2987db473c72 (e) https://gyazo.com/c329e5cf2438e4e17487df0aa833ba93 (R) https://gyazo.com/38fb89ca13f60a675ab05d7e26489181 (e) https://gyazo.com/6db04a7a44382e5cb0d2b17406298256 (e) https://gyazo.com/50fe62afef1b3422da5d40c8c77c5c9b (E) https://gyazo.com/87795fa348ee453358e3e3bcd7de738a (E)
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