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  1. So you've just started playing and your gear looks something like this Worry not, this guide will teach you how to get a good set of starter equipment! The basics The first thing you're going to want to do, is teleport to the starter zone. To do this, click on the globe near the mini map as seen below This will bring up the teleport menu, from here click on Monsters, and then on Starter Zone Start killing monkeys, until you get a Blood godsword drop, and have gotten your melee combat skills to 99. Once you do, equip the godsword and you should look something like this Melee Gear Already, you're looking pretty cool. But this is just the beginning. Go back into your teleport menu, click Monsters and then Locus Dragons These drop Deadly Dragonslayer armor, which is a good early game melee armor set. But they also drop Locus Bones, which you can bury to train prayer, and Boss Keys, which can be made into Boss Boxes using the Upgrade Machine at home. Farm these until you have 92 prayer, which should take about x350 Locus Bones. Use them on the Altar east of spawn for optimal XP. After that, pray at the Chaos Altar just south of the Altar to switch to the Ancient Curses Prayer book, to get the Soul Split prayer. During these 350 Locus Dragons kills, you should receive multiple Deadly Dragonslayer pieces that you can equip when you get them to become stronger. The Soul Split prayer heals you for 25% of the damage you deal, which is super overpowered when combined with the attack rate of the custom weapons on this server. Using this can make you almost unkillable if your damage per second is high enough and you're not fighting endgame bosses, so make sure to use it whenever possible. Upgrading to ranged For most of the early game, ranged will be significantly stronger than melee and magic. But worry not, your grind up to this point was not in vain! Because with Deadly Dragonslayer and a Blood godsword, you have gear strong enough to farm Ignis Dragons. These drop the Dark Depature ranged gear, and the Dark Minigun ranged weapon. These dragons will hit hard, so remember to use Soul Split when fighting them. Farm these until you have full Dark Depature and the Dark Minigun. Alternatively try to trade/sell armor pieces you get multiples of, and buy the armor pieces you're missing along the way. This can be done through the Player Owned Shops, which can be accessed by talking to the NPC south of spawn. Get there quickly by typing ::home By now you should look something like this And it is time to get the best weapon that you will have before you start farming raids and trading with other players more. This weapon is the Centian Bow, which is dropped by Centaurs. These can be found in the teleport menu under "Monsters -> Centaurs". These monsters have 25000 HP and the droprate for Centian Bow is pretty low, so this grind can take a while, but it is well worth it for the damage increase. Alternatively, you can buy it from other players, as it is very cheap. This will save you a lot of time, but it does require you to make some money. Here are some guides that can help you you make some money quickly: Marvel Raid guide by Unknown, and Pokemon Raid guide by Unknown. Following these guides should get you a Centian Bow in under an hour. Thanks for reading my guide, I hope it helped, and good luck with the drops 🙂
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