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  1. Welcome! soooo i need some picture for our wiki page for custom guides! and that's where you all come in! We will have 9 sections! and you may enter more than 1! price guide minigames raids gear skilling money making faq's monsters/drops and the last is undecided thinking a page for our youtubers (you may suggest one) There will only be 1 winner for each section!! post picture here! only pictures posted here will be considered in the event can use a screenshot, custom photo, ect. no limits! The more unique the better! winners will be picked 2/27/2020 Rewards overall best- 2 picks in 1-28 goodie bag! winners 2-9 will get to pick 1-28 in a goodie bag!
  2. Welcome new and old! This here is our starter guide, let us know if you think we should add anything to the guide! Step 1- vote! use command ::vote, ::rewards1all after to claim vote tickets (can vote every 12 hours!) 1.1- they are worth 500t-1q each or you click Votetickets to open Shop Step 2- Slayer! prestige up to 10, you will get the best slayer casket the ultimate casket Step 3- increase **DROP RATE** & **DPS**! - there are minigames at home for both! Tons of rewards in shop! find them south of home! 3.1- pest control! there 6 types of void you can upgrade** !! 3.2- training! @ the new Skilling area which will give u 1.75X MORE XP when u train here- Find the Custom Skilling area North of Home! Step 4- making money! would be raids and ::kwboss "spawns 25min" ::bonesboss "spawns 42 min" 4.1- maxed things u need the Maxed Title @ home from the ‘Explorer Jack’ at home. 4.2- maxed raids 1-2, maxed bosses 1-4 "need maxed 99s in all skills for maxed boss/raids" 4.3- perfected void you gonna have to get 2k kills in ::maxedboss1 ::maxedboss2 ::maxedboss3 then you gonna need to do the 4.4- ENDLESS VOID MINIGAME! which you need **500 all 3 fragments to upgrade 1 piece of supreme void and 5q cash** "helpful hints" hint 1- arrows raids is a good way to get More Dps/dr/$! hint 2- For some of the raids you will need all 3 different combat styles ‘mage, range, melee’. hint 3- can switch up step 2 & 3 to help you prestige faster! hint 4- ask questions! we have a great community that loves to help hint 5- check discord! lots of updates, people buying and selling and donation deals! hint 6- when donating see if people are buying in name doantions (sometimes get more than your monies worth!)
  3. nice guide bud! here are some more just written out! Golden Spirit Shield- Upgrade the Arcane Spirit Shield with 2 Ruby Crystals at a 1/2 Chance Red Spirit Shield-Upgrade the Elysian Spirit Shield with 2 Ruby Crystals at a 1/2 Chance boss box - upgrading 100 Boss Keys at a 100% upgrade rate Trio Armor > Baphomet Armor Upgrading - 5 soe Dark departure > Blood Departure upgrading - 3 soe Infernal M16 upgraded to Cyan M16s by using - 6 Cyan Crystal Magma Torva Set upgraded to Cyan set-3 Cyan Crystals Pokeball -???? Collectors Amulet upgrade to Collectors Amulet (e) 3 Ruby Crystals at a 1/2 chance Infernal items (mini gun, blade, staff) upgrade to ruby with 5 ruby crystals Chance: 1/2 Test Crossbow Obtained through Mystery Box at Mbox Zone Icy Crossbow Obtained through upgrading the test crossbow for 3 scrolls of efficiency (1/2 Chance) Elite Crossbow Obtained through upgrading the Icy Crossbow for 5 scrolls of efficiency (1/2 Chance) Mythical Sword Tier1 Obtainable through combining 100 Mythical Hilt Shards with 100 Mythical Blade Shards Mythical Sword Tier2 Obtainable through upgrading Mythical Sword Tier1 with 200 mythical blade shards and 200 Mythical Hilt Shard (1/1 chance) Mythical Sword Tier3 Obtainable through upgrading Mythical Sword Tier2 with 400 Mythical blade shards and 400 Mythical Hilt Shards (1/2 chance)
  4. stromy


    hey everybody, the name in game is stromy, yes its meant to be that way, i didn't just miss type it haha. not sure why i picked it but its the name i use across all customs games i play. i use to play the gold old runescape (when it first came out) untill my brother got both our almost maxed accounts hacked a few years back lol. so now i just troll around on custom servers while i travel the world. which brings me to another point ill be on and off as much as my bipolar cousin. i work in the the netherlands half the year and then the good ol usa the other half. so feel free to add me discord #5562 . if you need me ill more likely answer there, and can hope on soon after.\ never played this server but i heard about it from a good youtuber i follow. so we shall see how you guys all are here, look forward to it! well thats a little insite to me. any question feel free to ask peace! stromy
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