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  1. Looking for another regular player who competes in Road to Max Competition, and who would like to share charms, give xp tips, doing dung together and maybe doing Agil/Rc together ? If Dung Partys can be mixed (Ironman/UIM and regular in same party) then you are very welcome to join :) Just PM me on Discord https://discord.gg/xMqqh7E Tz-Jedi-Jad#3454 is my Discord tag. Or Pm me here on Forum or Ingame once the Server is released. IGN MrOstrich Gl Maxing yall
  2. Whaddap fellas, i am MrOstrich (sometimes HungLikeJad), im 23, from germany, and an active Rs player since Early 2007. I was there when Summoning came out, and since i saw the Glorious beast you can summon, i nevet wanted to stop playing. P2P is not rly my style (broke boiii) so i stared playing on RSPS. I played on tons of servers, and was Mod on several servers including RovaScape, Zamorak and Old Onyx. I'm a Usually very active, nice and helpful Player, and i cant wait to Max my acc on this Server (give me ³ days xD) I will try to help as much as possible on this server, so maybe yall see me with an "I" or a crown next to my name one day ? Til then i be your Friendly Neighbourhood Gonthorian like Fella, who yall can always pm if you have any question. See ya ingame!
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