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  1. Easy top 5 donators meaning u had to donate large amount to get in to it when the last time I checked event are supposed to be for everyone. So you tell me how having to donate to be in an even isn't pay 2 win. That like lets host a HNS and go Hide IN the Sponsor zone do you have any idea how many players would quit and if you look at our player base at peak time we had 27 online yesterday that is less than half we had a week ago. There is my reasoning and because people seem to agree with there being way to much pay 2 win and thats from our own discord. Xd xd xdToday at 9:59 AM Reason I left server was too much p2win
  2. sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter, usually served with onion gravy and vegetables.
  3. this one was way to easy tbh and it's not hard to find the answer just google it. Maybe making one up instead of copying one would be better so ppl have to think not just do a google search.
  4. Yay more pay to win content nothing new here!
  5. I agree had a great time doing the interview.
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