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  1. Dungeoneering Guide Currently, Dungeoneering is not functioning But you can still hit 99 in it with two different methods. Method One: 99 lamp This lamp is bought with loyalty points which you can track in the tab. You have to head to the loyalty points shop in the castleat ::home There is a specified lamp that costs 100k Loyalty points that will take you straight to 99 dungeoneering. Method Two: Dragonkin Lamps Dragonkin lamps are obtained from the effigies you get from ::vote. You will have to claim ::reward 1 to get the effigy. Once you get the effigy you can have someone with high-end skills open it for you to obtain a lamp. (THIS IS NOT ALWAYS GUARANTEED. NOONE HAS TO OPEN LAMPS FOR YOU BUT YOU CAN FIND SOME PEOPLE WHO WILL. These take a while to open and can be tedious) I recommend saving up a bit and tipping the person a lamp or two out of all the effigies you've saved if you cannot open them yourself. Once you've followed one of these methods then GRATS ON 99 DUNG!! 🙂
  2. Locus Dragon Farm Money Making Guide What will i need? You will need 1. A set of armor and weapon 2. A dwarf cannon (gotten from Explorer Jack at ::home) 3. CannonBalls (gotten from Explorer Jack at ::home) 4. 50 Kills on Herba and Umbra dragons each to attack. 5. Recommended protect from melee prayer and food or 92 Pray for Soulsplit. (explorer jack for reference, in the castle at ::home) How do i get there? You click the icon and then proceed to click . You will be met with an interface that looks like this. Click the Monsters Tab and then the button. You should end up here. And now you're at the locus dragons! What do i do? You will plant your cannon in a spot that it will hit multiple dragons, this will draw them onto YOU. Make sure you are praying protect from melee and have food or Soulsplit and have prayer pots (Unless Extreme Donor+) My Preferred cannon spot is right here. Make sure to keep loading cannonballs into your cannon so it keeps pulling dragons onto you ad use auto retaliate to attack the dragons while managing your prayer and cannonballs. What am I Looking for?? What you are looking for here are Scrolls of efficiency and boss keys. Scrolls The scrolls of efficiency look like this and can fetch around the price of 30T per scroll. Boss Keys The boss keys look like this and can be used on this boss chest at ::home. The chest will provide you with mostly low tier armor or 1b tickets. The armor more than likely won't sell. Your second option is to save up 750 of the boss keys and upgrade them inside of the upgrader at home Upgrading them will give you a Boss Box, which you can open for some great loot! Good luck on the grind and hopefully this will help you make some quick cash as a new player!
  3. Ring Around the Rosie Mini Game This minigame is centered around killing penguins for Fusion rings in order to buy or upgrade rings that give you Drop rate Percentage or Double drop rate percentage Getting there In order to get to the minigame you will need to click then find this button in your menu . It will open up a window like this. You want to navigate to the Minigame tab and find . Once you teleport there you should end up in an area likethis . What do I do? Your Objective when you get here is to kill these monsters. They will drop Fusion Rings that look like this, you need to gather 5 of them to start. You will then bring these rings to this NPC. His shop will open up and you will see this interface. This First ring is a 10% Droprate ring and will set you back those 5 Fusion Rings I told you about. After you have the 10% ring you will continue through the upgrade line but this time when you get enough rings you will bring them to home and put the ring you've earned so far into the upgrade machine to make it the next tier. This is the upgrade machine. Upgrade Information on Rings (Drop rate and Double Drop rate rings are separate but they look the same and have the same mechanics to upgrade!) 10% RING 100% Chance to upgrade to 15% RING 5 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 15% RING 100% chance to upgrade to 20% RING 5 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 20% RING 50% Chance to upgrade to 30% RING 10 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 30% RING 100% Chance to upgrade to 40% RING 25 Fusion Rings to Upgrade 40% RING NO FURTHER UPGRADES Good luck and congrats when you get that sweet sweet 40% ring! Shoutout to How910 for providing the pictures for the 30 and 40% rings!
  4. Death Cape Mini Game Guide (Any usage of the abbreviation DS will refer to Death Seeds for the purpose of this guide.) The Death Cape Mini Game is a mini game that provides you with capes that increase droprate in exchange for "Death Seeds" In order to get to the mini game go inside your mage book and head to the and press in the top of the window that pops up. You will then select in the left hand menu and it should bring you here. If you right click him you will get this menu. Talking to death will allow you to teleport into either Pen 1 Or Pen 2 which both have the same Death Hounds in them . Trading death will allow you to see his stock of death capes. There are 7 Different death capes you can acquire, and they each give you a drop rate boost. 1. Death Cape 2% DR 100 % Upgrade Chance to Blue Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 2. Blue Death Cape 4 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Blazed Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 3. Blazed Death Cape 6 DR% 100 % Upgrade chance to Golden Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 4. Golden Death Cape 8 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Quest Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade cost 5. Quest Death Cape 10 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Red Winged Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 6. Red Winged Cape 12 DR% 50 % Upgrade Chance to 'Perfect' Winged Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 7. Perfect Winged Cape 15% DR 15% DDR NO FURTHER UPGRADES In order to acquire the DS or Death seeds for the upgrades or purchases, you will need to kill the aforementioned Death Hounds. They will drop seeds that look like this. And that's all there is to it! Good luck on your grinds! And go get that 'Perfect' Winged Cape!! BIG SHOUTOUT TO I L0ve Bac0n for providing info on most of the capes!
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