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  1. also allmost finished the full guide before my ban luckily i never got to check stats on godly set so that'll never come out
  2. very basic guide im in the process of making an insanely indepth one im leaving out harder to obtain and unobtainable items allthough end of the line bis (best in slot) items that are seriously expensive will still be there you dont want range no its ass on gondor 2.0 weapons : infernal > ruby > emerald > galactic > prismatic > volcanic > spacial furthermore mage destiny staff > fantasy staff > godly staff > brilliant staff mage aoe phantom staff > icy/chrismas scythe > silent night scythe > godly staff > brilliant staff melee 1h eye of gondor > buster sword > sephiroths masamune > lightning katana > skulled cleaver/anniversary sword melee 2h demons edges (about on par with buster with ultimate glaive offhand) Gear : infernal > ruby > emerald > galactic > prismatic > volcanic > spacial furthermore mage destiny > phantom > godly/super saiyan > godly melee link > sephiroth/cloud > easter/immortal > godly void: void requires 3 pieces for melee of which 1 the helm mage/range require 4 regular > elite > ultimate > supreme > perfected > deity
  3. Hey there guys some of you have probably allready seen me online but i figured i'd do an introduction topic. My name is Harry i'm 28 years old and i'm from Holland. I don't really do any sport but i like to cycle alot. i work as a host in a restaurant for 30 to 40 hours a week and my sparetime is basically filled with gaming,reading and cycling. My Runescape history i started playing runescape around 2002/2003 when the beta for rs2 had just been launched. i used to be really into questing and had the record for lowest level to finish several quests back in the day. As i loved pure builds allways optimising gear took me through basically every quest a ton of times. Right now i'm not too active on the live game anymore i log in every once in a while and am currently at around 2500 total i do play osrs regularly still and have a pretty succesful ironman at 1890 total. pvp just isn't my thing anymore people got too good for me. How i found GondorX since i have a pretty bigass screen i often watch some movies from my bed when i go to sleep on youtube, but with autoplay on i eventually got to wr3ckedyou's stream woke up to it and it looked pretty interesting to me. Concidering i normally want to break my screen after 15 minutes of custom rsps's me having over 150 hours on here allready says alot. Quality server love it so far Frisky
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