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  1. >Fixed Drop Rate issue with high level drop rate >Drop announces temporarily removed >Prismatic Upgrading Is Now Available >New Volcanic Stones now available >Various bug fixes in-game >Drop Rate slight adjustment Join our active discord server for more information on updates, sneak peeks, helpful members and much more ๐Ÿ™‚ https://discord.gg/BzuDTBU
  2. Flower Poker 1 - Teleport to the gamblers zone in the Mini-games tab. 2 - Trade the gambler and buy a Licence for 12,000 loyalty points and make sure you have enough points to get enough seeds to play a full game (5 seeds a game, or more if you draw/replay). 3 - Find someone who wants to gamble with you and both agree on a bet. 4 - Before starting, make sure you are recording or someone trusted is there as witness. (you wont be able to get items back if you're scammed without evidence). 5 - Start on the east side of the zone and make sure there's 5 free spaces to be able to plant to the west, now plant your 5 seeds. 6 - If a black or white flower is planted by you or the other person then you stop the game and plant 5 new seeds. 7 - Winner receives items/cash you both agreed on. 8 - Good luck and please gamble responsibly. If you aren't enjoying it anymore STOP.
  3. > PC Point Events- Arthur has created a command that he and Wr3cked can use to enable 2x PC Points for ONE HOUR! Whenever the Events Team sets up a Pest Control Event, they can enable this command for you all to gain 2x whatever your usual amount is! > Drop Rate- scrambled the drop rate slightly so that the perfect drop rate is no longer known to players. The rate was changed very minor, you should not even notice a difference. In fact, it might even help with drops. > Custom Yell Tag/Login Scroll- An item to claim a custom yell tag/login message has been added to the shop and boxes. > Deathseed drop announcement remove- If you have over 235 Drop Rate, your drops will no longer be announced as the chat was often spammed and we believe this discouraged a lot of new and mid-level players. > Untradeable items can no longer be bug traded > Perfected Void- Perfected Void has been added into the game! This is the latest set of void that gives a WHOPPING 4.2x damage output multiplier! To obatain the set, you must make use of the Endless Void Minigame! > Endless Void Minigame- The endless void minigame is where you will obtain Void Fragments 1,2, and 3! There are 3 variations of the maxed bosses here in their "void forms". In order to attack these bosses, you need to have a 2,000 KC of each current maxed bosses. Elite Warrior (void form) - Weakness: magic - Drop: Void Fragment 3 (100% Rate) Godzilla (Void Form) - Weakness: Melee - Drop: Void Fragment 2 (100% Rate) Robot (Void Form) - Weakness: Ranged - Drop: Void Fragment 1 (100% Rate) Upgrade requirements: - 500x Void Fragment 1 - 500x Void Fragment 2 - 500x Void Fragment 3 - 5Q Cash Upgrade Rates: - 100% Join our active discord server for more information on updates, sneak peeks, helpful members and much more ๐Ÿ™‚ https://discord.gg/BzuDTBU
  4. > Protectorate Minigame - The goal of this minigame is to obtain the Perfect Protector! You do this by killing the various White Knights who are holding Protector Tokens. Once you have 20 tokens, purchase the Tier 1 Protectorate and then upgrade through all 10 tiers until you have the Perfect Protector! - Each Tier increases by 100 in all equipment bonuses and 5% Double Drop Rate. Meaning the Perfect Protector grants 50% DDR and 1,000 equipment bonuses! > In-Name Donation Store - The In-Name store was added on behalf of the community with how many in-name donations we see. - In-Name Credit scrolls can now be purchased on the store page, and are tradeable in-game. Once used, these scrolls will grant an amount of points correlating to the scroll. These scrolls come in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50. - The In-Name shop can be found in the Lumbridge Castle to the far right! > Pet Damage Nerf - Some people have been noticing they are doing less damage. This is true. The meaning behind this is that base damage multipliers were removed from pets that are not advertised to have it. We want to create a sense of choice around Gondor-X. Not letting one item or pet have multiple high value variables. Such as 20% Drop Rate and 1.5x Damage Multiplier. We want players to choose between if they want Drop Rate or more damage in a certain scenario. These pets were a bit too OP for $50 in the store and so we nerfed them. - I apologize for not letting you all know about this update but if I did announce this, we would see a market flood of users trying to sell these pets because they dont think they still hold value. However, 20% DR is still pretty solid IMO. > Respawns - Respawns have been fixed! Thank goodness, big shoutout to @Jonny#3234 for the help! This was a very very annoying bug that will no longer plague Gondor-X! > Epithy Wand Nerf - The Epithy wand has also been nerfed as it was giving far too much DPS for its worth and lack of difficulty to get in-game. > Prismatic Upgrading - Galactic Weapons can now be upgraded into Prismatic Weapons with 5x Prismatic Stones at a 100% Success Rate! > The Pest Control Necklace is now UNTRADEABLE! > Other various bug fixes and edits Join our active discord server for more information on updates, sneak peeks, helpful members and much more ๐Ÿ™‚ https://discord.gg/BzuDTBU
  5. Dig near the fourth minigame teleport: To get here go to the minigames teleport and teleport to pest control. Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele: To get here type ::duel. Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank: To get here type ::edge. Dig near one of the slayer masters: Go to ::edge then go south till you get to the trapdoor, go down and continue on the path till you reach the slayer master Vannaka. Dig in the area you might see fisherman: Go to the skills tab and click on the fishing skill. Dig where players plant flowers: Go to ::yanille and head all the way west till you get to castle wars. Dig near the mining guild teleport: Go to the skill tab and click on the mining skill, then the "Mining Guild" option. Dig near the tele to get chaotics: Go to the skill tab and click on the dungeoneering skill. Dig near the king of dragons: KBD lair not available at the moment.
  6. - In-Game Name: zarzu๏ปฟ - Account Type: normal - Start Date: release day
  7. Sup people im Dom, 21 from the Uk, been playing customs for years now and love a new release, hopefully ill be around for a while and see you all ingame. peace out
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