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  1. Flower Poker 1 - Teleport to the gamblers zone in the Mini-games tab. 2 - Trade the gambler and buy a Licence for 12,000 loyalty points and make sure you have enough points to get enough seeds to play a full game (5 seeds a game, or more if you draw/replay). 3 - Find someone who wants to gamble with you and both agree on a bet. 4 - Before starting, make sure you are recording or someone trusted is there as witness. (you wont be able to get items back if you're scammed without evidence). 5 - Start on the east side of the zone and make sure there's 5 free spaces to be able to plant to the west, now plant your 5 seeds. 6 - If a black or white flower is planted by you or the other person then you stop the game and plant 5 new seeds. 7 - Winner receives items/cash you both agreed on. 8 - Good luck and please gamble responsibly. If you aren't enjoying it anymore STOP.
  2. Dig near the fourth minigame teleport: To get here go to the minigames teleport and teleport to pest control. Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele: To get here type ::duel. Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank: To get here type ::edge. Dig near one of the slayer masters: Go to ::edge then go south till you get to the trapdoor, go down and continue on the path till you reach the slayer master Vannaka. Dig in the area you might see fisherman: Go to the skills tab and click on the fishing skill. Dig where players plant flowers: Go to ::yanille and head all the way west till you get to castle wars. Dig near the mining guild teleport: Go to the skill tab and click on the mining skill, then the "Mining Guild" option. Dig near the tele to get chaotics: Go to the skill tab and click on the dungeoneering skill. Dig near the king of dragons: KBD lair not available at the moment.
  3. Sup people im Dom, 21 from the Uk, been playing customs for years now and love a new release, hopefully ill be around for a while and see you all ingame. peace out
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