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  1. Very simple down and dirty guide. OK so you just started playing and want to know what to do and where to go.I am not going to get into detail on each skill or area just point in the right direction where to go. I am not going to go in depth on each path but point you in the direction. First thing you want to do is type ::starter and then ::discord in game and post your IGN into general. One of the game staff will hook you up with a starter boosting pack. Use your bones on the altar , swap your prayers and now what? This is where you can go in many directions. First you ALWAYS want to do your global bosses. They will be announced as to which one is up and how to get there. Now you killed your bosses now what to do. Well you have a few options at this point. I suggest ::train smack a few dragons to get your stats up a bit for survivability. Track 1 - Slayer - The slayer skill on GondorX is a great path for gear/money. Do your tasks and prestige ge better items. There is an up to date guide on Slayer here on the forums thanks to Iron Noob I suggest reading. Track 2 - DPS zones - This is a great path as well for cash and items. Each zone has increased kill count and the nps get stronger and drop better loot. Track 3 - Drop Rate zones - This path will bring you the almighty drop rate to get those better drops you want. Speak to the npc at the main teleport area and they explain what you need to know on where to go first. Ok you got yourself some junk and cash. What to do with it. well you can bank it and think out of site out of mind. Or just take those junk drops to the incinerator. This is located west of home. This is a new process and some kinks are being worked out so be patient. Some basic commands I always see people asking about. ::dr - shows you your current drop rate ::ddr - shows your current double drop rate ::wiki , ::starterguide , ::guides , ::priceguide , ::xplockoff
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    Figured i been here long enough to do this. IGN is No F In Luck. Been in RS since the beginning. One of the first 2k players. So that is almost 20 years of RS gaming for me. Yes I am an older gamer and have kids the same age as many here. Always been a gamer always will be. Have a long list of things i could say about my time in RS but most will think i am full of it. lol but hey these days you never know who is. Below is one of my very early RS accomplishments. Those who played classic know what it is.
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