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  1. @Yuki Thanks for this post! we appricate it alot! like arthur said ! ?
  2. Yeah you didn't i writed wrong ?
  3. Hi! There's guide for you guys to set up your client to RESIZABLE window. First, Check what java youre using with '' About Java '' Program. Second, if it says You're using this JAVA version: DELETE IT!!!! Third and most important step, DOWNLOAD THE 2018 Java version HERE. LAST STEP, CHECK OUT AGAIN YOUR '' About java '' PROGRAM IF IT LOOKS LIKE THIS: YOURE GOOD TO GO! When you're downloaded the 2018 java your client doesn't go black anymore when using RESIZABLE window in client! Hope this guide helped you! VERY VERY BIG THANKS TO @whipwolf for creating this guide! Awesome man ❤️ - Andy
  4. Andy

    Donator Zones

    Hi There! I created for you guys a guide to show you all donator zones! First one ::Dzone Mining at Dzone: https://gyazo.com/5900f565cfffbe8b6dfc3c102c8bc379 and Higher lvl mining https://gyazo.com/942931ffc9646a9b968584b7e60c1fc3 other skilling: https://gyazo.com/70b5f63002bccf9d6788f37ae62019c4 More: https://gyazo.com/130c431fddea8cd2b66b5682b245d4ef more Woodcutting: https://gyazo.com/06512322cf98c6f596332fdc07294cfa and lastly Summoning, Hunter and Construction: https://gyazo.com/ff5d7360e1a88a01c5b26a34f335e6a1 These, ::Ezone and ::lzone are pretty much same but ::dzone is largest one at the moment. Hope this guide helped you guys! If you want to see Donator Rank Benefits, Check it out HERE - Andy
  5. Hi ! I hobby football in amateur league and i'am from finland. I hope everything good from this server and i hope everyone will enjoy their time here! I'am positive person who is always positive. -Andy
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