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  1. Arthur, im truly sorry for my actions and what I have said to other players. I Know youre a hard working man that puts all his time and effort into this server. You stay up countless hours trying to do something good and new for the economy and I bash it by saying, "copy n paste" or how I said "all custom rsps servers have dbz." It doesn't matter who has what, u put time into it and I bashed it and it wasn't right of me to do that at all whatsoever. I also bashed vote and how rewards are "shit," what I said was very unprofessional of me and I promise to never bash anybody on the server or anything that was made. I bashed rng as well because I wasn't getting the drops that I want. I realized my mistake and truly apologize for my actions. Its up to u if u wish to have me apart of the server or not, I understand ur decision. If u do allow me back I thank you for making the right choice I wont let you regret it and I promise to vote as much as I can instead of not voting at all. -notsowise17
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