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  1. Hello everyone, this will be a guide to help you get started in GondorX! First you want have a choice of being a Normal, Ironman or Ultimate Ironman! Second you can customize your Champion to what you like! Now that you have those steps done you are ready to get started! To start out with head over to Starterzone which is found by clicking the World icon by the mini map and going to the Monster tab! Once here start out by killing the Baby Monkey's and once you reach 50 kills you can move Southwest to Giant Monkey's! Once you have some decent stats you can move over and work on Prayer by going to ::train, here you can get bones to use on the Altar at Home to gain prayer exp! Baby Herba Dragons don't have much HP so it shouldn't take long to get some Prayer levels to move onto the next step! Now its time to make some money which im sure everyone is excited for, head over to MBox Zone by clicking the World icon by the mini map and going to the Monster tab! Genie's have 1.5k health which wont take long to take them down. If you examine them or check out the Drops tab when you click MBox Zone it will show you drops! Another good way to make money is by going to FashionScape by clicking the World icon by the mini map and going to the Monster tab! When you get here you can talk to Brian O'Richard to check out the shop! Otherwise just start killing the Gambler Titan which is found East of where you teleport in. There are also some normal Gambler's you can kill north of where you teleport in! (Please be advised the Gambler Titan does hit hard so bring food and make sure you have Prayer levels and Combat levels to fight him!) When you have upgraded your gear and are ready to sell what you no longer need check out the Player Owner Shop Manager at Home! You can also Upgrade your Gear on the Upgrade machine just north of Player Owned Shop Manager! Upgrade Machine!!! (check out this detailed post by Rin Senpai for info on upgrades!!) Thank you for checking out my Starter Guide, I hope it helps! If you have any questions in game please feel free to message me (canislupus) or any staff that's online! Also don't forget to ::vote and join us on discord! https://discord.gg/YadU7hc
  2. Hello everyone my name is Canislupus or wolf whatever you prefer to call me. I can't wait for the server to be released so we can all enjoy it, i've been playing RSPS for awhile but i normally get board of them after awhile but this one will be better then the rest!
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