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  1. Much love @Yuki as Arthur said it will be addressed in further detail on discord but you know irl before anything ❤️
  2. These are all the items that give drop rates A) Rings & Amulets - Ring Of Wealth - 2% Dr - Ring of wealth [1] - 4% Dr - Ring of wealth [2] - 6% Dr - Ring of wealth [3] - 8% Dr - Lucky Ring of wealth - 10% Dr & 8% DDr 100% drop rate ring 100% double drop rate ring 100% double drop rate/drop rate ring B) Capes - Donator Cape - 10% Dr - Green donator cape - 15% Dr + collector necklace effect C) Pets - Luigi - 20% dr Mr Krabs - 20% dr pikachu- 20% dr D) Armour None atm E) Donator Ranks - Donator Rank - 1% Dr, 2% DDr - Super Donator Rank - 2% Dr, 4% DDr - Extreme Donator Rank - 4% Dr, 6% DDr - Legendary Donator Rank - 8% Dr, 10% DDr - Investor Donator Rank 10% Dr, 15% DDr F) Misc Infernal blade-5% dr Ruby blade-8% dr Ruby staff-8% dr Ruby minigun-8% dr
  3. *note you cant get ring of wealth at ::lzone anymore* :c
  4. Nice to meet you andy i hope we all get along ?
  5. Welcome divine soul hope you enjoy your time here like the rest of us do and hope to see you in-game sometime soon
  6. Welcome hope to see you in-game ?
  7. Welcome hope to see you in-game and hopefully we get along ?
  8. Benefits of Donor Ranks There are currently 5 levels of donator, Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, Legendary Donator, Investor Donator, This is a guide on how to obtain them and also what they do. You can donate for rewards in our Donation store Donation Ranks Donator - $10-$50 Super Donator - $50-$250 Extreme Donator - $250-$500 Legendary Donator - $500-$1000 Investor: $1000-$5000 Rank Descriptions Donator ♦This is the regular donator, you need a purchase regular donator which is $10 to unlock this rank♦ ♦10% exp bonus. 1% drop rate bonus (additional) + 2% Double drop rate bonus (additional)♦ ♦Increased loyalty points per hour received♦ ♦Access to ::yell Access to ::dzone♦ ♦Ability to use ::bank command♦ ♦Dzone contains thieving stalls & npcs to assist in skilling♦ Super Donator ♦This is the super donator, you need to purchase the super donator rank which is $20 to unlock the following♦ ♦20% exp bonus. 4% Drop rate bonus! 4% Double drop rate bonus!♦ ♦Even more loyalty points received per hour♦ Extreme Donator ♦This is the extreme donator, you need to purchase the extreme donator rank which is $40 to unlock the following♦ ♦25% exp bonus. 4% Double Drop Rate 6% Drop rate Boost♦ ♦Even more loyalty points per hour♦ ♦Access to ::ezone♦ ♦Extreme Donor has infinite prayer♦ Legendary Donator ♦This is the Legendary donator, you need to purchase the Legendary donator rank which is $80 to unlock the following♦ ♦10% Drop rate boost! 5% Double Drop Rate Boost!♦ ♦Even more loyalty points per hour♦ ♦Access to ::lzone♦ ♦Access to overloads + steel titan pouches + Rings of wealth!♦ Investor: $1000-$5000 ♦This is the Investor donator, ♦30% exp bonus♦ ♦15% Drop rate bonus♦ ♦10% double drop rate bonus♦ ♦Maximum amount of loyalty points per hour possible♦ ♦Ability to use ::bank Access to ::uzone♦
  9. Welcome to the Upgradable Items List! In this topic you will find info about what items upgrade into and what you need to upgrade Current Upgradable Items There is currently a total of 40 items that you can upgrade Beginner Dragon into Light Darklord > Water laser sword into Water duo laser sword (There are 3 colors that can be upgrade water, red, grass - stats are same) > Ring of wealth into Ring of wealth [1] Ring of wealth [1] into Ring of wealth [2] Ring of wealth [2] into Ring of wealth [3] Ring of wealth [3] into Lucky ring of wealth Dark Predator into Gold Predator > Dark predator scythe into Gold predator scythe > Deadly Dragonslayer into Shadow Dragonslayer > Deadly dragonslayer blade into Shadow dragonslayer blade > Nature Torva into Forest Torva > Nature sword / Nature defender into Forest sword / Forest defender > Void knight range into Elite Void knight range (Mage/Melee helms are same but with different combat style) (Note: Elite void increase 3x damage) > Lava slayer helmet [1] > Golden slayer helmet [2] > Lime slayer helmet [3] > Aqua slayer helmet [4] > Corrupt slayer helmet [5] Upgrading supplies Monster fragments / Boss fragments / Scroll of efficiency Monster fragments are using to upgrade Armor / Weapon Boss fragments are using to upgrade a Slayer Helm Scroll of efficiency are using to upgrade Void and Ring of wealth How to obtain supplies Monster fragments and scroll of efficiency are both global drop which you can get from any npc in the game. Boss fragments are obtainable from slayer caskets which you can get from npc's you kill on slayer task. How to upgrade Upgrade machine at center of home area, click that and then click item you wish to upgrade. Make sure you have enough of the supplies you need for each item you're attempting to upgrade. If you fail upgrade, you'll lose item instantly. I Recommend upgrading when you have extra ones.
  10. Good afternoon everyone rin senpai here i been in the rsps scene since 2009 and custom rsps scene since 2011 i look forward to seeing y'all in-game
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