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Found 1 result

  1. command list GondorX here i will post the most common commands Everyone! ::starter (give 3 extra donation boxes) ::vote (brings up the vote page) ::discord (brings up discord to join) ::help ::frimb (gets you a sword) ::train ( teleports you to the herba dragons) ::edge (edgeville ::draynor ::yanille ::falador Maxed players ::maxedboss (robots) infernal weaps, ::maxedboss2 (godzilla) Epithy set + maxedgodzilla PET {inf prayer} ::maxedboss3 ( elite warriors) PC point neck pieces + elite warrior pet {double XP} ironman ::ironzone (brings you to a custom zone only for ironman, 1point per kill ::ironzone2 (same as ironzone but bit harder and give 2 points per kill 10$ donation and up ::bank (10$ donation rank and up) ::dzone ( skilling zone for donators) Extreme rank and above ::title "Gondor" (without " ) sets a custom title ::ezone (brings you to the Extreme zone ) Legendary rank and above ::lzone (brings you to the Legendary zone with several npc's to kill and to buy Overloads with cash) Investor rank and above ::izone ( brings you to the investorzone with several npc's to kill and Royal imp to catch ) Partner rank and above ::partnerzone ( brings you to Partner zone with several Bosses to kill) if i forgot a command feel free to pm me on discord or reply on this post and i will add it !!!
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