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Found 1 result

  1. Halloween Event ! First of you need to talk to the witch at ::home just outside the walls she will ask you to bring her 4 items 1. the feather 2. the green vial 3. Skull 4. Red moss How do i get those items and where do i go ? for the Feather you go ::yanille and run north west to the Gnome maze, just follow the maze to the center and enter to kill the chicken for the green Vial you go ::home and run to the swamps (thats easy i guess ?) there you kill the Spider for the Skull you go ::rimmington there you will need to kill the "zarzu" goblin for the last item red moss go minigames and go barrows from there on you run abit left , then down to the bridge and enter the village there you will need to kill After you got all 4 item go talk to the witch again at ::home to combine them now you can enter the "bossroom" to farm candys and your new pets This is purely made for the items not the ENTIRE EVENT !!!!!
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