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  1. Death Cape Mini Game Guide (Any usage of the abbreviation DS will refer to Death Seeds for the purpose of this guide.) The Death Cape Mini Game is a mini game that provides you with capes that increase droprate in exchange for "Death Seeds" In order to get to the mini game go inside your mage book and head to the and press in the top of the window that pops up. You will then select in the left hand menu and it should bring you here. If you right click him you will get this menu. Talking to death will allow you to teleport into either Pen 1 Or Pen 2 which both have the same Death Hounds in them . Trading death will allow you to see his stock of death capes. There are 7 Different death capes you can acquire, and they each give you a drop rate boost. 1. Death Cape 2% DR 100 % Upgrade Chance to Blue Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 2. Blue Death Cape 4 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Blazed Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 3. Blazed Death Cape 6 DR% 100 % Upgrade chance to Golden Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 4. Golden Death Cape 8 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Quest Death Cape - 5 DS Upgrade cost 5. Quest Death Cape 10 DR% 100 % Upgrade Chance to Red Winged Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 6. Red Winged Cape 12 DR% 50 % Upgrade Chance to 'Perfect' Winged Cape - 5 DS Upgrade Cost 7. Perfect Winged Cape 15% DR 15% DDR NO FURTHER UPGRADES In order to acquire the DS or Death seeds for the upgrades or purchases, you will need to kill the aforementioned Death Hounds. They will drop seeds that look like this. And that's all there is to it! Good luck on your grinds! And go get that 'Perfect' Winged Cape!! BIG SHOUTOUT TO I L0ve Bac0n for providing info on most of the capes!
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