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Donator Zones

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Hi There!


I created for you guys a guide to show you all donator zones! First one ::Dzone

Mining at Dzone: https://gyazo.com/5900f565cfffbe8b6dfc3c102c8bc379

and Higher lvl mining https://gyazo.com/942931ffc9646a9b968584b7e60c1fc3

other skilling: https://gyazo.com/70b5f63002bccf9d6788f37ae62019c4

More: https://gyazo.com/130c431fddea8cd2b66b5682b245d4ef

more Woodcutting: https://gyazo.com/06512322cf98c6f596332fdc07294cfa

and lastly Summoning, Hunter and Construction: https://gyazo.com/ff5d7360e1a88a01c5b26a34f335e6a1

These, ::Ezone and ::lzone are pretty much same but ::dzone is largest one at the moment.


Hope this guide helped you guys!

If you want to see Donator Rank Benefits, Check it out


- Andy


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Thanks Andy!

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