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~~ Ring Around the Rosie Mini Game ~~

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Ring Around the Rosie Mini Game

This minigame is centered around killing penguins for Fusion rings in order to buy or upgrade rings that give you Drop rate Percentage or Double drop rate percentage

Getting there

In order to get to the minigame you will need to click image.png.4226f6f354c608aa660267b19b7cdbf9.png  then find this button in your menu image.png.7b7e664aa8145e53601946d24c5c47c1.png.
It will open up a window like this.


You want to navigate to the Minigame tab and find image.png.fbfc0316dbe44ca561a7ae197dd85fb9.png.
Once you teleport there you should end up in an area likethis .


What do I do?



Your Objective when you get here is to kill these monsters.  image.png.f12d69bfaf58dfb2fbbcce6f25800f83.png

They will drop Fusion Rings that look like this, you need to gather 5 of them to start.  image.png.cfe30971cb5f93b0981edb27c88a096e.png

You will then bring these rings to this NPC. image.png.d091cc707810b0eb73f2e83ccea8cce9.png

His shop will open up and you will see this interface. image.png.d0d9dc2ab188ec4a34dfac21a805e1aa.png

This First ring is a 10% Droprate ring and will set you back those 5 Fusion Rings I told you about. image.png.03116e852c8c86ce4b2725e91cb60d7b.png

After you have the 10% ring you will continue through the upgrade line but this time when you get enough rings you will bring them to home and put the ring you've earned so far into the upgrade machine to make it the next tier.

This is the upgrade machine.image.png.5f52f3d2d6bca10502b056cc4e6eceef.png

Upgrade Information on Rings
(Drop rate and Double Drop rate rings are separate but they look the same and have the same mechanics to upgrade!)

image.png.7bf6653318ec8b2e63ab9bcb00b45146.png 10% RING                           100% Chance to upgrade to 15% RING                       5 Fusion Rings to Upgrade
image.png.54af09e70224c47a53d738aa3d123192.png 15% RING                           100% chance to upgrade to 20% RING                       5 Fusion Rings to Upgrade
image.png.b6bfd1da30e09ff89ba4e80edbcbb20a.png 20% RING                             50% Chance to upgrade to 30% RING                     10 Fusion Rings to Upgrade
image.png.917dfa911ec32086f84567d77b68c45a.png30% RING                             100% Chance to upgrade to 40% RING                       25 Fusion Rings to Upgrade
image.png.4eb7fa69168335e6395bb31cf0a8b4b9.png40%  RING                             NO FURTHER UPGRADES

Good luck and congrats when you get that sweet sweet 40% ring!

Shoutout to How910 for providing the pictures for the 30 and 40% rings!

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