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~~ Locus Dragons Farm ~~

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Locus Dragon Farm Money Making Guide

What will i need?

You will need 

1. A set of armor and weapon

2. A dwarf cannon (gotten from Explorer Jack at ::home) image.png.228120cd6844a17d24e166d3b88c4f6a.png

3. CannonBalls (gotten from Explorer Jack at ::home) image.png.6130caa645af2c4a233488101425269d.png

4. 50 Kills on Herba and Umbra dragons each to attack.

5. Recommended protect from melee prayer and food or 92 Pray for Soulsplit.image.png.277bae074f0a96ee345b77e119feb33c.png
(explorer jack for reference, in the
 castle at ::home)

How do i get there?

You click the image.png.f918ae9b0366f4bc87f7a0c7f4ac64d3.png icon and then proceed to click image.png.ae5f4e014c27373039d7eaf3ffdbedc1.png.
You will be met with an interface that looks like this.


Click the Monsters Tab and then the image.png.cea71633745e9d89b9d299e41d182f90.png button.

You should end up here.


And now you're at the locus dragons!

What do i do?

You will plant your cannon in a spot that it will hit multiple dragons, this will draw them onto YOU.
Make sure you are praying protect from melee and have food or Soulsplit and have prayer pots (Unless Extreme Donor+)

My Preferred cannon spot is right here.



Make sure to keep loading cannonballs into your cannon so it keeps pulling dragons onto you ad use auto retaliate  image.png.ebe51fafee144dd7c09e9e7383fbeea0.png  to attack the dragons while managing your prayer and cannonballs.

What am I Looking for??

What you are looking for here are Scrolls of efficiency and boss keys.


The scrolls of efficiency look like this image.png.bab45f2d1a5eb2c509827eb079c02708.png and can fetch around the price of 30T per scroll.

Boss Keys

The boss keys look like this image.png.3f888dbc18d0667cd2f455c13dd66132.png and can be used on this boss chest at  ::home. image.png.2346ed1ef76e1bd503222bd0fcce56c7.png

The chest will provide you with mostly low tier armor or 1b tickets.  The armor more than likely won't sell.

Your second option is to save up 750 of the boss keys and upgrade them inside of the upgrader at home image.png.d3266f3ed060cbac21225bbdbb83de77.png
Upgrading them will give you a Boss Box, which you can open for some great loot!

Good luck on the grind and hopefully this will help you make some quick cash as a new player!

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