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Pokemon Raid

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Pokemon Raid

The pokemon raid is the raid you would want to grind after you've gotten the Marvel Raid rewards.

It's a fairly small land where you fight on so it's more pleasant (in my opinion) to farm then Marvel Raid.


How raids work

When a player joins a raid it'll automatically start in 60 seconds and said raid will be globally announced for other players to see.

In order to get a reward in raids you need to join from the start, if you join in after the first wave has started you won't get any rewards.

Killing monsters in raids won't yield you drops but after completing the raid your reward will appear in your inventory.

Please do not afk in raids since staff will teleport you out and punishments can be given.

Using pets in raids is not fun for other players so please pick them up, staff will ask you to do the same.



92 prayer

Decent gear setup

Bring super restores or prayer potions if you don't have unlimited prayer.



I'd recommend a minimal of a Centian bow combined with the Dark Depature set if you are going to participate in a raid.

There are masses that get organised which makes them easier but it's always nice to have people that carry part of the weight.


Dark depature can be obtained at Ignis Dragons. (Cape,helm,body,legs,boots,gloves)

The necklace is a dragonslayer necklace which can be obtained at Locus Dragons.

The Centian Bow can be obtained at Centaurs.

Players can sell you these items aswell so if you got some cash you can ask around if someone is willing to sell them to you.




Wave 1

Wave 1 consists out of 13 pikachu's that have a total health of 10k each.

They can deal you up to 20 damage to you so make sure to use Soulsplit when fighting.



Wave 2

Wave 2 consists out of charmeleons (5) and squirtles (6) that have a total health of 25k each.

Squirtle and Charmeleon deal up to 6 damage, risk of dieing is non existent with soulsplit on.



Wave 3

Wave 3 consists out of 6 lucario's that have a total health of 75k each.

Lucario deals up to 2 damage, risk of dieing is non existent with soulsplit on.



Wave 4

Wave 4 consists out of 4 groudons with a total health of 25k each.

Groudon will hit hard expect 60s so make sure to use soulsplit and only aggro one on you at a time.

Groudon will also drain your prayer so make sure your prayer isn't running out during the fight.



Wave 5 (final wave)

Wave 5 consists out of 3 mewtwo's with a total health of 150k each.

Mewtwo will hit hard like Groudon so make sure to keep up the soulsplit and only aggro one at a time.




pokeball.png.5047d6b65bf30c2aa62283654513b3ea.png Poké ball

greatball.png.d7e291fc14d5feb59743cf24e0e697f8.png Great ball

ultra.png.bc4124b942fc7cd654df84327bc89c74.png Ultra ball

masterball.png.bc89ae9bd31eb9247a33fe11e47e08af.png Master ball

ruby.png.0efdc635ad8a4a081621de4f8dbb1edc.png Ruby crystal

cyan.png.3e13be84fb595792445d62beedef29c8.png Cyan crystall

scroll.png.bd9c212c206c5f5f329163097252c7fc.png Donator scroll

scroll.png.bd9c212c206c5f5f329163097252c7fc.png Super donator scroll

helm.png.900b550452f61b54777a3afb51a8f220.png Torva helmet (cyan)

body.png.6a3576c46f7407efec6aa151ba07d634.png Torva platebody (cyan)

pants.png.fcc330d0bc14f604694d5d2870a84d97.png Torva platelegs (cyan)

oh.png.007e0dedf2c1e6df54869823ecffab86.png Cyan m16 (mh)

oh.png.007e0dedf2c1e6df54869823ecffab86.png Cyan m16 (oh)

ring.png.579dda0878d908927fa42b1c74b9711f.png Lucky ring of wealth

tickerts.png.eece29b31c644a12a8d7714bd6fabc9e.png 1B Ticket (10k - 50k)

dono.png.6c324cdb836600370439ced7028e4142.png Donator box (3 / 5)

scrolls.png.acb3eac622a51131dc95acb8c0a484a9.png Scroll of efficiency (3 / 5)



If there is anything wrong or that needs to be added to the guide feel free to post it or message me ingame/on the forums.

I hope this will clear things up for starters that are unfamiliar with raids.

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