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Marvel Raid

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Marvel Raid

The marvel raid is the first raid you would want to jump into, the rewards are mainly infernal tier (see rewards) which will allow you to complete the pokemon raid.


How raids work

When a player joins a raid it'll automatically start in 60 seconds and said raid will be globally announced for other players to see.

In order to get a reward in raids you need to join from the start, join in after the first wave has started you won't get any rewards.

Killing monsters in raids won't yield you drops but after completing the raid your reward will appear in your inventory.

Please do not afk in raids since staff will teleport you out and punishments can be given.

Using pets in raids is not fun for other players so please pick them up, staff will ask you to do the same.



92 prayer

decent gear setup



I'd recommend a minimal of a Centian bow combined with the Dark Depature set if you are going to participate in a raid.

There are masses that get organised which makes them easier but it's always nice to have people that carry part of the weight.


Dark depature can be obtained at Ignis Dragons. (Cape,helm,body,legs,boots,gloves)

The necklace is a dragonslayer necklace which can be obtained at Locus Dragons.

The Centian Bow can be obtained at Centaurs.

Players can sell you these items aswell so if you got some cash you can ask around if someone is willing to sell them to you.


Getting to the raid

1. Click on either your spellbook or worldglobe.


If chosen spellbook Click on a teleport to open up the teleport menu.


2. Click on Minigames in the teleport menu


3. Click on Marvel Raids and click teleport




Wave 1

Wave 1 consists out of spiderman that have a total health of 7500 each.

Make sure to use turmoil while killing since they can hit 23s.


Wave 2

Wave 2 consists out captain america and black panther.

Black panther has a total health of 10,000 and iron man a total of 25,000.

They both don't hit that hard but make sure to use turmoil to heal up any damage taken.


Wave 3

Wave 3 consists out of Dr. Strange, Ultron and Ironman.

Dr. Strange has a total health of 28,500, Ultron 30,000 and Ironman 25,000

Those 3 all are hard hitters so make sure to use turmoil to stay alive.


Wave 4 (final wave)

Wave 4 consists out of Drax the destroyed.

Drax has a total health of 150,000 and has the ability to damage everyone in the room so make sure to use Turmoil while fighting him.




 abbadon.png.c5becb255f3d1992c4cbf336064c3b0b.png Abbadon instance

bandosavatar.png.420af6783626591721db6b0e21015583.png Bandos Avatar Instance

groudon.png.d744db57a3b36f7da4357d879a8ef5bc.png Groudon Instance

blade.png.fc48831273e28ad164bac3d1e8408dd9.png Infernal blade

mg.png.a29b7850dfd76f57ae9d84be5dafd822.png Infernal minigun

m16.png.6b8dcaa853cff393808cda02c3c570a1.png Infernal m16

spear.png.0ff315577ce779d43889e0ffa7a7cbb0.png Infernal spear

sword.png.de4dc7b1489a7faa23456376d0a9c81c.png Infernal sword

staffinfernal.PNG.0b0958f253c97cf3e2c81f7a773fabba.PNG Infernal staff

scrolls.png.c46730231275f7043f5e2b112441e719.png Scroll of efficiency (3 - 5)

dono.png.93f0eda078e61d705e659d582931e73a.png Donator box

ring.png.51429d3256870feeac8e4060109e6452.pngRing of wealth [3]

tickerts.png.fcdd3800f21241f6b3be7455d02e2ef8.png 1B Ticket (10k - 50k)

nevk.png Collector's Necklace

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