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Frisky reporting for duty

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Hey there guys


some of you have probably allready seen me online but i figured i'd do an introduction topic.


My name is Harry i'm 28 years old and i'm from Holland.
I don't really do any sport but i like to cycle alot.
i work as a host in a restaurant for 30 to 40 hours a week and my sparetime is basically filled with gaming,reading and cycling.

My Runescape history

i started playing runescape around 2002/2003 when the beta for rs2 had just been launched.
i used to be really into questing and had the record for lowest level to finish several quests back in the day.
As i loved pure builds allways optimising gear took me through basically every quest a ton of times.

Right now i'm not too active on the live game anymore i log in every once in a while and am currently at around 2500 total
i do play osrs regularly still and have a pretty succesful ironman at 1890 total.
pvp just isn't my thing anymore people got too good for me.

How i found GondorX

since i have a pretty bigass screen i often watch some movies from my bed when i go to sleep on youtube,
but with autoplay on i eventually got to wr3ckedyou's stream woke up to it and it looked pretty interesting to me.
Concidering i normally want to break my screen after 15 minutes of custom rsps's me having over 150 hours on here allready says alot.

Quality server love it so far


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