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6 Months of Gondor-X

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Hello Gondorians!

Boy oh boy... six months.

182 days straight of Gondor-X! That is quite an achievement and I want to take this time to congratulate our staff team and community on such an insane achievement. 

This server and community truly means so much to both @wr3ckedyouand I, we are so blessed to have you all here playing our server day-in and day-out. 

So a BIG thank you is in order for each and every one of you.

Going Forward

The Gondor-X community is a very tight-knight one. While this is a great aspect from a community standpoint, it poses problems in terms of a long-lasting economy. What I mean by this, is the lending of high-tier items. Players lending each other 100% Drop Rate items have made the economy extremely skewed. Giving many players the opportunities that they should not have to farm items constantly. This is unfortunately effecting the revenue of our server, thus the longevity of our server.

So, in light of this, we are going to be
trade-locking 100% Drop Rate items, effective immediately. You will all have the day to have your items returned to you before they are trade-locked to the accounts they are currently on. I hope you can all understand and see why this needs to be done in order to protect our future. 

Also, we are going to be COMPLETELY re-doing the donator store and the beginner content. It is currently far too tough for new players to tier up into high-maxed content. This is putting a lot of our new players off from staying on Gondor-X and seeing us as a new home for themselves. There will be a new, full post on this in the coming days.

Weekend Events

Dicing Tournament 

We are hosting a a dicing tournament this Saturday with the top 5 donators of Gondor-X! You can place bets on them in the following thread:

Maxed Raid Guide

We are going to be offering special prizes for those who can create the best looking and most informative Maxed Raid Guide thread here on the forums!

The prizes have not been determined yet but we will have an official thread released soon!

Wr3cked Boss

We are going to be hosting several Wr3cked Boss masses for you all to obtain some amazing drops this weekend! Look forward to many streams by @wr3ckedyouas well as we will have some special guest streamers stepping in for the weekend activities!

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