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Six Month Guide Competition

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Hello Gondorians! 


This is the first of many events we will be offering during our SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY

This event will be a contest on who can make the best guide in their subject over the weekend!

The best guides are going to be linked in-game with a command for the community to use them!

These guides will
MOSTLY be new-player friendly!

Activity Dates

Start: 11-16-19 : 3:00 PM EST

End: 11-20-19 : 3:00 PM EST

Currently Needed Guides:

- FULL Void Guide, from base void-perfected void

- FULL Beginner Drop Rate Guide (Minigames, Mario Pet/Hat, etc), basically gaining the F2P Drop Rate

- FULL Raid Guide (explanation of each raid and loots - (I will help with whoever chooses this)

- FULL Global Boss guide (drops, effects of drops, etc)

- FULL Upgrade Guide ( I will work on this with you )

- FULL Price Guide


Red Difficulty = $50 Scroll + 40x Anniversary Boxes

Orange Difficulty = $25 Scroll + 25x Anniversary Boxes

Green Difficulty = $25 Scroll + 10x Anniversary Boxes

Application Form:

- IGN: 

- Requested Guide:

- Discord Username:

- Total Hours:

- In-Game Rank: 


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IGN: Riley

Requested Guide: FULL Beginner Drop Rate (F2P Drop Rate) Guide

Discord Username: Joey#9617

Total Hours: 1,171 Hours

In-Game Rank: Legendary Donator

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