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Pest Control Minigame Guide

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Pest Control

What do you need to do

You have to kill a total of 4 portals whilst monsters try to kill a void knight in the middle which you have to protect.

Due to the custom item stats you receive you'll be mainly focusing on killing the portals throughout this minigame.

Every yellow spot on the map below is the location of a portal.


The health of every portal depends on the amount of players joining in on the minigame itself.

The base health of the portals is 17,900 and per person joined 1900 health gets added to every portal.

After you successfully kill all the portals you'll receive commendations and coins.




The amount of commendations received depends on your rank.

Commendations received per rank:

Regular: 23

Donator: 26

Super Donator: 29

Extreme Donator: 32

Legendary Donator: 35

Investor: 38

Partner: 41

Supreme Donator: 44




In the shop you can buy void equipment which gives you a damage multiplier of 1.25

The void pieces cost commendations which you've earned by completing the minigame.


Helmets: 750

Top: 1000

Bottom: 1000

Gloves: 500

Full set: 3250

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