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Endless Void Guide

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Endless Void

The endless void minigame is a for high tier players.

You'll have to grind this in order to achieve Perfect Void Fragments which are needed to upgrade Supreme void into Perfected Void.



- 2000 kills of Robot at ::maxedboss

- 2000 kills of Godzilla found at ::maxedboss2

- 2000 kills of Elite Warrior found at ::maxedboss3

You can kill 2000 robots at ::maxedboss and unlock the ability to kill the robot variant in this minigame.

You do not need to get all 2000 kills before you can participate in it.

3 different combat styles, depending on which boss you want to kill you'll need to bring a certain style.


What to do

In this minigame you need to kill 3 different bosses, these bosses are a variant from the ones found at ::maxedboss(2/3/4)

Every boss has a different requirement of combat style in order to kill it.


The bosses



Health: 700,000

Drops: Perfected Void Fragment 1

Required combat style: Ranged




Health: 700,000

Drops: Perfected Void Fragment 2

Required combat style: Melee


Elite Warrior


Health: 900,000

Drops: Perfected Void Fragment 3

Required combat style: Magic


Perfected void

Once you have gathered 500 of each fragment at the bosses you can upgrade one Supreme void piece at the upgrading machine.

This costs 500 of each fragment and 5Q cash but cannot fail.


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