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Cash Raid Guide

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Cash Raid

The Cash Raid is the best moneymaker raid for non maxed people as it is consistent in dropping cash upon completion.

It is recommended to do this raid in a group if you are low-mid tier since the opponents in here are bulky in health nearing the end of the raid.


How raids work

When a player joins a raid it'll automatically start in 60 seconds and said raid will be globally announced for other players to see.

In order to get a reward in raids you need to join from the start, join in after the first wave has started you won't get any rewards.

Killing monsters in raids won't yield you drops but after completing the raid your reward will appear in your inventory.

Please do not afk in raids since staff will teleport you out and punishments can be given.

Using pets in raids is not fun for other players so please pick them up, staff will ask you to do the same.


92 prayer

If you're not an extreme donator or higher I highly recommend bringing super restores since your prayer will get sapped by the monsters.


This raid will take a while since your opponents will be bulky in health


Atleast ultimate void set if you bring void with any wand higher then epithy.

If you're not using void I recommend an epithy set.


Atleast ultimate void set if you bring void with a ruby minigun or higher.


Atleast ultimate void set if you bring void with a ruby blade or higher.

Getting to the raid

1. Click on either your spellbook or worldglobe.


If chosen spellbook Click on a teleport to open up the teleport menu.


2. Click on Minigames in the teleport menu


3. Click on Cash Raid and click teleport




Every wave consists out of 1 opponent that you have to kill but the health gets increased by 500,000 everytime.

The opponent will always spawn on the location of the red dot located on the map shown above.

Wave 1:  500k health

Wave 2:  1m health

Wave 3:  1.5m health

Wave 4:  2m health

Wave 5:  2.5m health

Wave 6:  3m health

Wave 7:  3.5m health

Wave 8:  4m health

Wave 9:  4.5m health

Wave 10:  5m health


tickerts.png.eece29b31c644a12a8d7714bd6fabc9e.png 1B Ticket (10k - 50k)

1q.png.3b5bf497aa3122bf407b96681dbecd92.png 1Q Ticket

pris.png.b78021c895aa1a72b1c6f54d83336cb5.png Pristmatic Crystal

purple.PNG.2eeb531f3b529a3d41156bfa2fc75984.PNG Dark Matter Crystal

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