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Maxed Raid Guide

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Maxed Raid

The maxed raid is currently the hardest raid in the game.

it consists out of 41 bosses that you need to kill, 40 of them have 1m health and the final boss has a total health of 8.5m.

I do not recommend soloing this raid unless you have a melee setup with over 40k stat bonuses otherwise this raid will take over one hour to complete.

If you are curious to see how long it would take go kill a boss at ::maxedboss time it and do it x43 to have an estimate of how long it would take you to complete.


How raids work

When a player joins a raid it'll automatically start in 60 seconds and said raid will be globally announced for other players to see.

In order to get a reward in raids you need to join from the start, join in after the first wave has started you won't get any rewards.

Killing monsters in raids won't yield you drops but after completing the raid your reward will appear in your inventory.

Please do not afk in raids since staff will teleport you out and punishments can be given.

Using pets in raids is not fun for other players so please pick them up, staff will ask you to do the same.



Maxed stats

Preferably Extreme Donator Rank or higher for the unlimited prayer buff since your prayer will get sapped

A Maxed Raid Key

The following can be gathered inside the raid but can be brought along in the raid to make it faster:

- A pickaxe

- A hatchet

- A harpoon

- A spade


In order to get a Maxed Raid Key you need to go kill every maxed boss and combine the key fragments dropped by those bosses.








This raid will take a while since your opponents will be bulky in health


Atleast Supreme Void set if you bring void with prismatic staff or higher.


Atleast Supreme Void set if you bring void with a prismatic minigun or higher.


Atleast Supreme Void set if you bring void with a prismatic blade or higher.

If you plan on soloing I recommend having atleast 40k in all stat bonuses to complete it within the 30 minutes mark.


Getting to the raid

1. Click on either your spellbook or worldglobe.


If chosen spellbook Click on a teleport to open up the teleport menu.


2. Click on Minigames in the teleport menu


3. Click on Maxed Raid and click teleport




Every wave in this raid exists in a seperate area, we can divide this raid in 4 different areas / waves.

I will provide screenshots of the area highlighted and where you find resources and where the monsters are located.

You will have to gather the resources highlighted on the map and use them on eachother to make a key so you can proceed to the next area.

In order to proceed to the next wave you need to kill all the bosses in the previous area's otherwise it'll not go to the next wave.

Wave 1


Red: Shark Tooth - Steal from stall

Blue: Rock - Mine from the ores located there


Boss Locations:

The red dots are Boss locations

The orange dot is the gate to the next area


Wave 2


The green dot is where you can get a daeyalt ore

The blue dot is where you can get a maple log

The red dot is where you can get a log

The black dot is where you can get a cabbage

The purple dot is where you can get a potato

The yellow dot is where you can fish a big shark


Boss Locations:

The red dots are Boss locations

The orange dot is the gate to the next area


Wave 3


The white dot is where you can get a steel key chain. 

You need to dig next to the white boxes to get the steel key chain.




The blue dot is where you can get a vile fish

The red dot is where you can get a magic log


Boss Locations:

The red dots are Boss locations

The orange dot is the gate to the next area


Wave 4 (Final wave)

Boss Locations:

The red dot is the final boss location




raidscape.PNG.7a2f9e64de99db37447a7b4db0beca8c.PNG Raids Cape

raidshelm.PNG.b928b8b5b9470af5f9129ce648afc152.PNGRaids Helmet

raidsbody.PNG.d7511dbe16f70e34f326cad5b7ab0dac.PNG Raids Platebody

raidsleg.PNG.b2f3872a9acd7196b6c40d3aaf172f0b.PNG Raids Platelegs

demonedges.PNG.5d1a8629e80399fa254cddb384d802a4.PNG Raids

1q.png.3b5bf497aa3122bf407b96681dbecd92.png 1Q Ticket

prisblade.png.6a2d4ef675562478e6b94522a1fb1774.png Prismatic Blade

mg.PNG.cf15b674db2ef544e7910d09597a3e42.PNG Prismatic Minigun

staff.PNG.536c2d89ad530ed4f03d10a82aafad18.PNG Prismatic Staff

innamedono.PNG.99bf983f1f6032b5d245fda9bae1882f.PNG $1 in-name scroll

hunderpecent.PNG.1fad44950208ffd41f662f228f728c17.PNG 100% Upgrade Ticket

galstaf.png.ac72402d0da307be2f20fb97a8b27855.png Galactic Staff

galblade.png.fa35b602156bf4f7a69256e2da07c4b4.png Galactic Blade

galmini.png.f721ce2b233f3affe8267b4816f82f9d.png Galactic Minigun

galhelm.PNG.0972f1bacca654b66bbe4c56a4842f76.PNG Galactic Helmet

galplate.PNG.8812ba6fe72e742fff0f1bb284c98559.PNG Galactic platebody

galleggs.PNG.95ff12b573ab327469589ff149f9ea4e.PNG Galactic platelegs

galbox.PNG.3ae79102e2f63b0d903f2a73c254aafb.PNG Galactic Armor & Weapon Box

rangeulthelm.png.8733702eac5e49dd87ef16704ee2bad7.png Ultimate Void Ranger Helmet

ultmeleehelm.png.bdc86d3d21513a93072b891bd0868390.png Ultimate Void Melee Helmet

ultvoidhelm.PNG.bcb389920cabe79e4bac252562aa03dc.PNG Ultimate Void Magic Helmet

ultvoidtop.png.67f3f0c03e5bf23d8d70f836ea08f1cf.png Ultimate Void Top

ultbottom.png.e1a854db9721289ecde989602a63b9b0.png Ultimate Void Bottoms

ultgloves.png.22a26daee7be799cd642bb04cec11e78.png Ultimate Void Gloves

supremerangerhelm.png.1b56169597f181717e1e40a01282eb56.png Supreme Void Ranger Helmet

suprememeleehelm.png.519a9a4ec3f10b08ef530bb2679cfa6c.png Supreme Void Melee Helmet

suprememagehelm.png.dc6a56068a318a8b0da671b781ab4091.png Supreme Void Magic Helmet

supremetop.png.9ff50200f28d3709103c60bf5850ffef.png Supreme Void Top

supremebottom.png.d84d0494d950600b5e25f6d41c4fc748.png Supreme Void Bottoms

supremegloves.png.628e6d8e3023c8d441bed03e8ea58def.png Supreme Void Gloves

pet.PNG.5da3b244a887de45cbc803014c77d3c5.PNG Pet Luigi

pet.PNG.5da3b244a887de45cbc803014c77d3c5.PNG Pet Pikachu

pet.PNG.5da3b244a887de45cbc803014c77d3c5.PNG Pet Mr.Krabs






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