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Thanksgiving Event!

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Hi! And welcome to my first guide!

Today we're going to look at the new Thanksgiving Event !

(All pictures will be shown in order below!)

Step 1

Start off by tallking to the Thanksgiving Event 2019 NPC located at ::home , right outside the East-castle walls!



Step 2 :

Teleport to Edgeville (::edge) , and walk towards Barbarian Village ( South ) 

Here, you will find the first Turkey! (Sword-chick)



Step 3 :

We Teleport to Locus Dragons (Bandit camp) And walk towards the North-East (Shanty Pass)

i Will provide an walking route below!

Here, you will find the Lizard-Chick!



Step 4

Teleport to ::varrock (if you are stuck in the evil tree, go from ::edge to varrock square)

If you run south, when you leave the Varrock Walls, you will be greeted by the Dark Wizard Altar! (Wich gave me nightmares)

Here you will find the Metalic-chick!



Step 5

You will now have 3 Drumsticks in your inventory!



Click the Burnt-Drumstick and click on 1 of the other 2 !

You will then Recieve a Thanksgiving Cornucopia!


This will send you to the Event-Area where you have to kill the Turkeys!



For each kill, you will be rewarded ONE (1) Turkey Token!


In this area , there wil be a Turkey Store aswell!



He will sell you 3 Items , costing 250 Turkey Tokens each! (750 Total for all!)

Item 1 : Frying Pan

Item 2 : Chef's Hat

Iteam 3 : Chocatrice cape!


These items will give a total of 40% DR!!

This was the guide! i hope it will help all of you Gondorians out here!

Goodluck grinding!

Kind regards , Zatmenneke!



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