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Christmas Event Part 2

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Christmas Event Part 2

Click here for part 1 of the christmas event. Make sure to scroll down to the replies to see an updated road to the first 3 monsters that you need to kill.


Requirements to start part 2

image.png.b79e7d35c6a4c1e64419ef29194a3bd8.png Black Santa Hat

How to get one? Complete part 1 and kill the santa boss that spawns every 15 minutes 50 times and upgrade a Santa Hat dropped from the same boss.


Where to start it

Talk to Santa Clause at Lumbridge, he's located at the same spot as in part 1.

Make sure that you have a Black Santa Hat in your inventory.



NPC's To Kill

Yovage - 50 times

MithCatty - 100 times

SackSalem8 - 1 time





Can be found at the FashionScape Minigame teleport





Can be found at the Barrows Minigame Teleport





Can be found at the Mewtwo Boss teleport




Return to Santa

After you've killed all the npcs and have retrieved Rudolph's red nose and the naughty & nice list return to Santa back in lumbridge.


Now you'll have obtained the workshop teleport 2 item that allows you to teleport the the next workshop



The Workshop

Use the workshop teleport 2 globe you've received to teleport to the workshop.

Here you can find Kooper



Kooper sells the Yeti Teleport which will allow you to teleport to the second event boss.


The price is 500 chocolates so like last time you'll have to gather 500 chocolates by killing the Elf Workers found around the workplace.


After you've gathered 500 chocolates buy the Yeti Teleport and then you will have access to the Yeti Boss and will be able to kill it whenever it spawns.



The Yeti has 90,000,000 health and has a respawn timer of 30 minutes.

After you've clicked on the Yeti Teleport item you'll get brought to the location where the Yeti will spawn.




Loot Table



Santa Top

By killing the Yeti you'll receive a Santa Top.

This top can be upgraded by gathering Yeti Droppings

I highly recommend getting the fully upgraded Santa Top because it will most likely be used in the third part of the Christmas Event.

The costs will be

Regular - Lime 5 Yeti Droppings

Lime - Lava 10 Yeti Droppings

Lava - Pink 15 Yeti Droppings

Pink - Black 20 Yeti Droppings

Santa Top Items

- Regular
- Lime
- Lava
- Pink
- Black

Drop Rates
- 5%
- 10%
- 15%
- 20%
- 35%

Equipment Bonuses
- +500
- +1000
- +2000
- +3000
- +5000

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Amazing work ❤️

PM me in-game for 10x Christmas Crackers!

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