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A Year In Review - Gondor-X 2019

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May 31st - 2019

On this day, Gondor-X was conceived! Or the idea of Gondor-X. Wr3cked did some work for a server I was running with a partner who was not carrying their side of the deal. He could tell that I was in a very frustrated spot and came to me with an idea that would create the amazing community and server we have here today!

While the 31st is not our celebrated anniversary date, it is a very important date in Gondor-X's history!

June 16th - 2019

June 16 is the official anniversary date of Gondor-X releasing to the public! We had an amazing release and this really set the tone for the rest of the servers lifespan! We have been trucking along at the same pace with the same amount of updates and content released every week! We continue to have a drive and passion for our server and community that is unrivaled by the competition!




July 15- 2019

July 15th was the first time we celebrated our anniversary! We were really starting to build a community at this point and both our staff team and server were growing into something AMAZING! 

The community was truly starting to take a liking to what we were building and the direction we were going with it!





August 05 - 2019

August 05 was the LARGEST account breaching in Gondor-X's history to-date. A rival server sold their players personal data off and several members were using this data to hack into players accounts on Gondor-X

I believe in total we have 60-70 accounts hacked that day that had notable amounts of wealth on them.




September 08 - 2019

We celebrated our anniversary a bit early in September but this was by far one of the HYPEST anniversary celebrations we have ever had! We had 60+ players online for most of this weekend and it was absolutely packed with active events and streams!

I remember the entire weekend just being a great time for everyone!



October 25 - 2019

On this day, our forums had a HUGE overhaul and upgrade! The previous forum theme and look was not very appealing to the eye and with this new overhaul, we now had a beautiful place to make and read our guides, announcements, and other forum posts!

I am glad that we decided to do this as I think our forums have become more active since the update.


November 11 - 2019

November 11 we celebrated six months of Gondor-X. This is a HUGE accomplishment for any community and RSPS. We all know how short-lived RSPS's can be, so surviing and thriving for six whole months was a huge deal to us!

We have our sights set on that one year anniversary and we absolutely can not wait to celebrate with each and every one of you!



December 31 - 2019

Today is the day that we celebrate and let you all know just how thankful we are to have you here with us. I will be the first to tell you that I know we have some issues that need solving. And trust me, we are working on all of them. 2020 is going to be an amazing year for Gondor-X and we have an ENTIRE make-over for Gondor-X coming in the first few weeks of January. I think that everyone is really going to appreciate the work we are putting into Gondor and it is really going to show once we release a few of these new sneak peaks we have. 

I hope you all enjoyed this small year in review post and I look forward to our future journeys together!



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Amazing im glad i found gondor and it was still around after a 2 month break and i hope it lasts many years to come #GondorGang4Life

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2 minutes ago, mtndewfreak said:

Amazing im glad i found gondor and it was still around after a 2 month break and i hope it lasts many years to come #GondorGang4Life

You are an OG my dude!

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my 2k hours were well spend 😛 , i had a blast being staff and First admin on the server thanks Arthur and Wr3ckedyou ❤️ much love and respect for both 

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