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Accepted EGG Item

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The following items are accepted as sacrifice for the EGG minigame:


seph helm-
seph top-
seph legs-
seph gloves-
seph boots-
seph masumune- done
link helm-
link top-
link legs- done
jack helm-
jack top- 
jack legs-
lantern mask-
hween glaive- done
six month helm-
six month top-
six month legs-
six month boots-
six month gloves-
six month cape-
six month sword-
six month shield- done
fantasy helm-
fantasy top-
fantasy legs-
fantasy staff- done
legacy helm-
legacy top-
lecacy legs-
legacy bow- done
turkey helm-
turkey top-
turkey legs-
turkey feet-
thanksgiving amulet- done
icy helm-
icy top-
icy legs-
icy cape-
icy amulet- done
ulti glaive mh-
ulti glaive oh-
green out glaive-
pink panther glaive-
captain america shield-
eye of gondor-
candy cane-
christmas scythe-
icy scythe-
silent night scythe-
demon edges- done
weed icon-
dice icon-
one hit cape-
investor attach-
investor cape-
owner attach-
owner cape-
100 dr ring-
100 ddr ring-
100 dr ddr ring- done
capt america pet-
iron man pet-
ulti warrior pet-
yoshi pet-
yoshi instance-
wr3cked you pet-


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