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Gondor-X 2.0 - What does it mean?

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What IS Gondor-X 2.0?


Gondor-X 2.0 is the reinvention of Gondor-X. We are putting in thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, as well as our blood, sweat, and tears into this new and improved version of Gondor-X.

We told you all that 2020 will be twice the  year that 2019 was for Gondor and we are going to deliver on that promise!


What kind of updates can we expect to see?

The Gondor-X gameplay is going to be flipped on its head! We are going to be COMPLETELY reconstructing the beginning phase of Gondor-X. While we will be keeping some content, others are going to be leaving Gondor forever! We are going to have specific zones and guides (in-game) to aid new players in building drop rate or DPS. They will have two different areas at our home base where they can simply run to, learn about, and then begin their journey with us!

We believe that one of our largest barriers are new players logging in and being confused as to where to start, what to do, and how to get ahead. We are going to be making this process MUCH easier and better laid out for all of our new members to Gondor-X!

New Home Area:

We are COMPLETELY throwing out our current home and having a brand new home area designed from scratch to be completely unique to Gondor-X.

Below is a rough draft of what you can expect without giving too much away.







New Teleport Interface:

Our teleport interface is something that has needed a re-work for some time now. Not for practicality sake but for cleanliness and messiness. The teleports are far out-dated and out of place in most cases!

Our new teleport interface is going to be gorgeous and below you can see a rough draft of what our new interface will look like!



New Upgrading Interface:

The upgrade interface is limiting. With the amount of items that can be shown and how it portrays upgrading, it seems very lackluster. We want to completely re-design the interface and the action of upgrading to create something totally unique and new to Gondor-X!

We have so many great ideas in mind when it comes to upgrading that are going to blow you all away!

White board rough draft:



New NPC Drop Viewer:

Again, a piece of content the NEEDS re-designing. So what are we doing, redesigning it!

The new NPC Drop Viewer is going to be 100x more extensive and elaborate on what kinds of drops and at what kinds of rates you can expect to get these drops.

This system will be great for all players, old and new. It is something that will really boost our visual aspect of Gondor-X!

White board preview:


Mystery Box Interface:

The mystery box interface will be a new and exciting piece of content coming to Gondor-X!

You will now be able to see the possible rewards of the boxes you are opening as well as you will be able to watch a spinner that will land on your exact item chosen from the box!

The boxes are still RNG based but this makes the entire process so much more fun and entertaining!


Content Reconstruction:

Below is a list of ALL of the content that will be getting a second look and being re constructed to fit into the flow of Gondor as well as be a more useful piece of content going forward:

- Pet Mystery Boxes
- Donator Boxes
- Low tier bossing
- Mid tier bossing
- Item upgrading
- New Zoning System
- FashionScape Minigame
- Pokemon Raids
- Marvel Raids
- Elemental Raids
- Aspects of skilling
- Donator Scrolls
- Damage Arrows
- Hopeful Trials Pets
- And so much more!


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Looks Sick cant wait looking forward to the new content the rest of 2020 entails.

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I am hoping myself, for many good things to come. As well as some new content for me to stream.

Positive vibes coming your way.

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