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The Launch of Gondor-X 2.0

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Hello Beautiful Gondorians!

I want to welcome you all to the official launch thread of Gondor-X 2.0!

Below we will have valuable information and show-offs that will better layout what Gondor-X 2.0 has to offer you!

What is Gondor-X 2.0?

Gondor-X 2.0  is a COMPLETE re-design of our game. With new interfaces, models, textures, and more... we are completely re-designing how Gondor-X operates and scales as players progress through our game.

We have realized over time that one of the largest issues with Gondor is the barrier to entry! Starting out as a new player is rather tough, and you are sort of thrown into a world with tons of content to enjoy but are not sure how to do so! Building drop rate can be tough and building DPS can be even tougher!

So, we have restructured the starting content to better suit both new, old, and returning players to the world of Gondor-X!


New Home Area:

The New Home Area features a MASSIVE structure and different areas for you to experience the finer things Gondor-X has to offer.

Below I will show you some media of these different areas:

Main Area:



Skilling Area:



Drop Rate Area:



Damage Per Second Area:



AFK Zone:





New Upgrader Interface:

Our old upgrader interface was outdated and it was time for an upgrade! This new interface allows us to have as many requirement items as we wish to be able to upgrade a certain item. This will make the content much more extensive!



New NPC Drop Viewer

The new NPC Drop Viewer is a much more extensive version of our current NPC drop viewer. This version will allow you to see the rates of drops, the chances, and being able to separate the drops into different viewing categories.




New Teleport Interface 

The teleport interface is another piece of content that has needed updating for quite some time now. The update to the teleport interface is very extensive and will allow both old and new players to be fully informed when teleporting to a certain area. This interface will allow us to write a full description, as well as show any possible loots that can be obtained from the area of which you are teleporting to.



Mystery Box Interface

The mystery box interface is something that has been long requested of us and has finally been created and implemented!

This interface will not be on existing mystery boxes but  we will be able to use the interface on mystery boxes that will be created in the future!





Other Various Content Re-Works and Additions:

- Pet Mystery Boxes
- Donator Boxes
- Low tier bossing
- Mid tier bossing
- Item upgrading
- New Zoning System
- FashionScape Minigame
- Pokemon Raids
- Marvel Raids
- Elemental Raids
- Aspects of skilling
- Donator Scrolls
- Damage Arrows
- Hopeful Trials Pets
- And so much more!




Gondor-X 2.0 will be released on SUNDAY - February 16th!

We are going to be taking Gondor-X offline for the following days, starting at Midnight (EST), Friday morning - February 16th

Gondor-X will be OFFLINE on:

Friday( Feb.14 )
Saturday ( Feb.15 )
Sunday(Feb.16) -
Until 2:00 PM EST

The reason for this down-time is to give us ample time you create the updates and upgrades necessary to make the release and launch of Gondor-X 2.0 the best that we possibly can!

The release of Gondor-X 2.0 is officailly set for Sunday- February 16 - 2:00 PM EST!!


This coming weekend will be running a fund-raiser for all things Gondor 2.0! We will be offering special bonuses, prizes, content additions, and more throughout the weekend for those who are interested in participating!

More infomation on this will be released in the discord server, make sure to join



Obviously our co-owner Wr3ckedYou will be creating videos and content leading up to the release of Gondor-X 2.0!

However, we will also be contracting a few outside sources to help us make the release and launch of our 2.0 world a much more active and hype day than it would be normally!

We are going to be looking for different creators and outlets eager to work with Gondor for the days of Wedneday (Feb.12) & Thursday (Feb.13) to come online our beta version of 2.0 and create some awesome content and show people what Gondor-X 2.0 is all about!

These videos will be a great way to show-off all of the hard work, dedication, and time that we have put into our server!


In conclusion, we are SO SO SO excited for the release and launch of Gondor-X 2.0! As one chapter in our community closes, another one opens. We expect Gondor-X 2.0 to far out preform the first version and we look forward to all of you joining along with us for this ride!

It is going to be an absolutely amazing event and we look forward to seeing both  new and old faces on launch day!

Thank you,

- Gondor-X Executive Team



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Yay, I look foreward to all of this!


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glad all of this is in game

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