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Welcome new and old! This here is our starter guide, let us know if you think we should add anything to the guide! 

Step 1- vote! use command ::vote, ::rewards1all after to claim vote tickets (can vote every 12 hours!)
        1.1- they are worth 500t-1q each or you click Votetickets to open Shop

Step 2- Slayer! prestige up to 10, you will get the best slayer casket the ultimate casket

Step 3- increase **DROP RATE** & **DPS**! - there are minigames at home for both! Tons of rewards in shop! find them south of home!
       3.1- pest control! there 6 types of void you can upgrade** !!

       3.2- training! @ the new Skilling area which will give u 1.75X MORE XP when u train here- Find the Custom Skilling area North of Home! 

Step 4- making money! would be raids and ::kwboss "spawns 25min"  ::bonesboss "spawns 42 min" 
       4.1- maxed things u need the Maxed Title @ home from the ‘Explorer Jack’ at home.
       4.2- maxed raids 1-2, maxed bosses 1-4 "need maxed 99s in all skills for maxed boss/raids"  
       4.3- perfected void you gonna have to get 2k kills in ::maxedboss1 ::maxedboss2 ::maxedboss3 then you gonna need to do the 
     4.4- ENDLESS VOID MINIGAME! which you need **500 all 3 fragments to upgrade 1 piece of supreme void and 5q cash** 

"helpful hints"
hint 1- arrows raids is a good way to get More Dps/dr/$! 
hint 2- For some of the raids you will need all 3 different combat styles ‘mage, range, melee’.
hint 3- can switch up step 2 & 3 to help you prestige faster!
hint 4- ask questions! we have a great community that loves to help
hint 5- check discord! lots of updates, people buying and selling and donation deals!
hint 6- when donating see if people are buying in name doantions (sometimes get more than your monies worth!)

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