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The story of Glambler

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This will be a huge rules dump/information dump aswell a place to post progression on my new series im making called

The Story of Glambler.

so in short what is TSOG?
i will work my way towards tier 100 slayer unlocking content along the way
ill gamble all my earnings at the end of each tier taking my winnings to the next tier.
every 10th tier half my bank will be gambled ending off at the big finale at t100 gambling the whole bank

i also lock myself out of a bunch of content initially unlocking it through my adventures.

initial lock :
[x] make money for extreme donator before anything else
[ ] kuradal locked till tier5
[ ] summona tasks locked till tier10
[ ] group content solo (broly/freiza/machina/raids) locked till tier25

[ ] group content with groups locked till tier50
i will not play on the weekends
i will not vote on this character

i will unlock doing all content ingame after tier100

my bank will also be locked off to certain items.

my first tab will hold mithril seeds and coins
my second tab will hold fashionscape
my third tab will hold currencies and upgrade items
my fourth tab will hold non-slayer boxes/caskets/keys
my fifth tab will contain miscelanious items (like past event items and such)
my sixth tab will contain clue scrolls (yes i plan on doing those for some fasionscape)

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as this is a currently running project ill post videos every 10 tiers

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This sounds dope!

Edit: Other than not voting  😡

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