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If you can not launch the .jar file at all....

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OK so to start off I tried so many things to try to get this server to launch and nothing seemed to work. I tried it on multiple versions of Java. Tried it through JDK and JRE. Everything I could think of I tried and nothing seemed to work. No one could help; not the owners, administrators, or devs and it isn't their fault by any stretch of the imagination because no one seemed to be having this issue. I all but gave up on playing this server: however I decided to give it one more go and look online one more time to see if I could find anything and by God I finally found something that worked. If you are having an issue where the .jar filie will not launch at all open your "add or remove programs" and look for a program called "RelevantKnowledge" or "PremiereOpinion." If you have found one of these programs remove it, then try to launch the server again. For me it launched right up with no issues what-so-ever. I hope I can save someone some trouble with this post. Have a good day.

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