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Basic gear guide ( temporary )

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gear/weapons guide

hey guys ! i will  be making a more detailed guide soon.

for now.use this basic guide to find your armour and weapons.

here we go !

let's start with weapons ! 




Blood GodSword

dropped from monkeys - Starterzone Teleport

( hp leech on attack )


Water Blade

Dropped by Aquatic Dragons - Monster Teleport


Infernal Spear

::store weapon


Infernal Sword

( no idea where to get tbh )


Infernal blade

::Store Weapon


Ruby Blade

::store weapon


Summer Glaive Set

can be farmed from ::maxedboss


Galactic Blade

::store weapon

best in slot melee in game


these are the most common melee weapons used on the sever.




Ranged weapons

AK - 47

first ranged weapon used by most - mbox zone Teleport


Water Bow

decend bow for dragons - Aquatic dragons Teleport


Dark Minigun

worth the grind - Ignis Teleport


Centian Bow

good upgrade from dark mg - Centaurs Teleport


Infernal Minigun

::store weapon


Ruby Minigun

::store weapon


Emerald Minigun

::store weapon


Galactic Minigun

::Store weapon

Best in slot Ranged weapon


these are the most common used ranged weapons on the server.




Magic Weapons


Oblivion Scythe

starter magic weapon - Lux Dragon Teleport


Staff of Water

decend magic staff - Aquatic Dragons Teleport


Infernal Staff

::store weapon


Ruby Staff

::store weapon


Emerald Staff

::Store weapon

Galactic Staff

::Store weapon


these are the most common magic weapons used in game.



(as i do not have a spawn account yet,it will be a short list)




Dark depature set

this will be the first set you will acquire - Ignis Dragons Teleport


Centian set

small upgrade from above - Centaurs Teleport


Blood depature set 

( could not find a full set for the guide,sorry )

this requires you to upgrade your Dark Depature set with Scrolls of Effecienty


After obtaining either Centian or Blood depature,it's time to get void



void can be obtained in the game at Pest Control - Minigame Teleport

Regular void

Melee Void

Ranged Void


Magic Void


Elite Void

Melee Void

Ranged Void

Magic Void


Ultimate Void

Melee Void


Ranged Void


Magic Void



Galactic Set !

the new set just added into the game




A more detailed guide will follow shortly.

i did not have all the recources to complete this one yet.

Next time i will ? 



if there's anything you want me to switch or if something is wrong.

be sure to hit me up in game or on discord. 

and i will change it.




Special thanks to : Wr3ckedyou,koopa,memes,lie1nruin,dyssa,tigrex

and let's not forget KING Arthur




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additional information !! all infernal weapons can be obtain from ::maxedboss


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Great guide. ?

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All of if not most of the infernal boxes can be obtained from boxes in game no need to spend money on them 


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